Wednesday, November 17, 2010

7.2 Months Waiting

The fact that this post is marking 7.2 months waiting and not 7 months is a blessing! The 7 month mark passed last week with little notice of the milestone!

We are surviving this wait without losing our minds (even though it has admittedly been longer than we expected at the beginning of the adoption process)!

All that is not to say we are not ready, more than ready, to see her face, learn her age, and mostly to bring her home.

But we're getting closer.

And we're going to use these next few months without her to really get ready. I have a whole slew of projects in mind to tackle! Can anyone say nesting? Yes, I think it may not only be a pregnancy instinct but occur for pre-adoptive mamas, too! Feel very sorry for my husband! I'm broaching this idea to him tonight! A little Christmas break project! Hey, our current shoe and backpack shelf only accommodates 3 kids!! And the project does say it's for skill level: beginner!

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  1. love your blog- can't wait for your adoption to go through. My mom is adopted and i will also adopt a baby one day after we have some of our own. I was just reading your Blog wondering about an update on your adoption and BAM hit the refresh button and Vua-la there it is :)
    I do have this crazy feeling that you will find out that you are pregnant and get news of your adopted daughter all at around the same time. Just sayin' 8^)

    Prayers for a speedy adoption
    Sarah B

  2. How exciting as the time gets nearer. I know you are anxious! Happy TT!

  3. That new little locker unit will be wonderful! I really like it. :)

  4. Each day when I check my blog roll and see yours has posted I cross my fingers and hope for an exciting announcement. All your sewing/craft projects will keep you busy on top of the holiday jazz. Hoping you get good news soon!


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