Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Three and a Half!

This November my littlest guy turned three and a half and I have to say I love this age! There are things to love and not love about every kid age, but this one is pretty great.

Potty-trained, sleeping through the night but still not too big to carry around occasionally, not quite as much the mess-maker as a two year old (or maybe it's just because I don't leave the powder sitting on top of his dresser anymore!), a little more self-control than a newly turned three year old, old enough to have an actual conversation with, and they say the most hilarious things!

That picture at the top is one of my recent favorite pics of my three and a half year old little man.

He had gone potty and put his jeans back on by himself. The elastic waistband allows him to pull them on and off without undoing the snap and zipper.

The really funny thing is he ran around like that for a while with the backwards jeans and I didn't notice until he was walking out the door with me to pick the dog up from the vet. Thankfully as he walked towards me I caught on to the issue and was able to grab my camera and snap a few pics before fixing the problem!

And here's my other favorite picture of the three and a half year old enjoying the leaves in Nana and Papa's backyard:

Pure joy!

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  1. He's got it together! So sweet, my little lady does this too!
    Love the shirt!

  2. I have a 3.5 year old and he is ALWAYS putting his pants on backwards! I Love this age!

  3. I too LOVE this age...such a sweet one. Like you said, little enough to still be young enough to crawl onto your lap and be soo sweet and yet big enough to carry on a conversation and be somewhat independent (even if it does end up in backwards pants) The pictures are DARLING...have a good day. HUGS

  4. LOL! Love it! My almost 4 year old does that now and again and I smile every time at his sweet innocent nature. I love this age too. Tantrums and all ;-)

  5. I have been reading your blog since early in my pregnancy with #3. She's now 6 months old and I'm still reading. My middle child just turned 3 1/2 in November, too, and I keep asking him if he'll stay 3 1/2 forever. He says no, but I DO love this age. He's old enough to be pretty independent but young enough to snuggle up with Mommy :)


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