Thursday, November 18, 2010

Projects for, you know, right after you make the Thanksgiving meal

I warned you guys yesterday that I have projects in mind. Many, many projects I want to complete! And because I'd like to pass on the neurosis, I mean inspiration, I'm sharing a few (a mere fraction of my long list) ideas with you. I know it's kinda crazy to think of tackling extra tasks during this busy time of year, but these crafts are sure to make any holiday extra merry!
  • We really need a new duvet cover for our master bed and I'm thinking of trying something like this.
  • This ruffle necklace is so cute and seems really easy, would even make for good Christmas gifts!
  • And I admit that the instructions to make this fabric basket intimidate me a little so I probably won't attempt it, but oh my at the cuteness! And just think of all the things you could store in something like that -- so practical!
  • While we're talking about crafts that are over my head, this softie doll is out of my league, but it is so sweet, I really may try it!
Happy weekend before Thanksgiving! The stores will be crazy for the next 5 weeks straight, so stay home and craft!


  1. I love all of these! You could totally do that softie doll - I think it looked easier than the fabric basket!
    We should have a crafting playdate sometime :)

  2. I will come back later and check out all of these sights. Goodness, you certainly are feeling energetic and inspired. Oh to be soo young. haha Have a WONDERFUL week-end. HUGS

  3. I think real is really really good. Thanks for really sharing your reality


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