Sunday, November 14, 2010

Cute, Comfy, Cheap Jeans for My Girl

My little girl doesn't really like regular jeans, says they're uncomfortable, mostly because of the whole snap or button at the waist. Typically I'm great with that, I love dressing her in skirts and dresses anyway, but there is a practicality to jeans, especially in the winter, so I made my girl some ruffle pants out of soft denim material.

She's a fan of the elastic waistband (and if we're being honest, who isn't?)

I love that they're cute, a durable fabric, and practical for times when skirts or dresses are not best!

I bought the denim at my local Joann's Fabric and followed this tutorial for ruffle pants.

They really were not hard to make, and I ended up spending way less than if I'd bought her some jeans!

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  1. They are darling and what a good idea. One of my granddaughter's (she will be 6 soon) really hates wearing jeans for all the same reasons. She loves Gymborees elastic legging type pants that come in a multitude of colors. But they are sooo expensive. But the last two seasons I have waitied till they are bringing out their summer things, and put these type of pants in bins on clearance for 3 or 4 dollars a piece. I have bought every pair I could find in the size I am sure she will be the following winter. It has worked wonderfully. She's a happy camper, her mama is thrilled, and I have spent very little money. They wash and wear WONDERFULLY btw. Not warm enough though sometimes maybe depending on wear you live though. Just an idea. Have a wonderful day. HUGS

  2. Lovely ! thanks for sharing. I love to don one for my daughter.


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