Thursday, January 6, 2011

Randomness on a Friday

How many times have you written 2010 on something in the last week? Be honest! I usually catch on to the year change around April.


We got my 7 year old a magic set for Christmas and I have to say the gift has been amazing for my husband and I, too, because the really lame magic shows he kept forcing us to watch were only cute for about the first 2 times and then it got super hard to act surprised or in awe when it was so painfully obvious how he'd pulled off the "magic" trick. But now with the new magic set (link to the one we got him: Fantasma Toys Super Deluxe Legends of Magic DVD Set) his shows really are impressive! I honestly don't know the secrets behind many of the tricks!


The doll we got my daughter is still a hit, although, it has raised an interesting issue. My daughter likes taking the doll with her places, but sometimes (like at church), it's really not best to bring her in, I mean she may get lost, the other children in Sunday School may destroy her, etc., so I've told my daughter to leave her in the car. Well, last Sunday she left the doll (that is the size and look of a real baby) sitting up in her own car seat after she'd gotten up. When we got back to the car I pointed it out to my husband and laughed wondering if somebody had suspected it was a real baby locked in the car and he was like, "Don't do that again, somebody may break the window to rescue the baby left alone in the car!" Hmm, hadn't thought of that before! She does look pretty real! I do know the doll is going to kindergarten show-and-tell tomorrow so if you see what appears to be a 3 month old baby zipped into a kindergarten backpack, nobody call CPS! It's just a doll!


My 3 year old asked me today if people wear clothes in heaven. Huh? I have no idea. I know we get resurrection bodies, but clothes? Can't remember anything about that. Except maybe I do. Rev. 1:13, "I saw one like a son of man, clothed in a robe reaching to the feet. . ." So, robes? Should I go with the answer that people will wear robes in heaven? Because my little guy didn't really seem satisfied with my pat answer of, "We don't know all the answers about heaven, the Bible just gives us a little bit of information, but we do know it is more wonderful than we can ever imagine."


Right now I'm really glad I haven't made any resolutions yet, because I'm pretty sure I would have broken them this week, just dressing everybody in something other than jammies has taken nearly all my energy this week! Although I have to brag that my Christmas stuff is packed away! And I've pondered a few positive changes for myself, I even printed off this January cleaning schedule although now I'm already 5 days behind, so there really is no hope for catching up, but hey I could probably join up mid-month and my house would still thank me. Next week is window treatments -- talk about something to look forward to all weekend! For those of you who just can't wait, no fair doing it early!

Mommy's Idea


  1. I loved my Sneaky Pete magic set when I was a kid. I really wasn't very good at the showmanship part of being a magician though.

    Yes, robes in heaven I think would be a good answer.

  2. we actually had folks call the MP's on us once for that exact thing, so yes, be careful!!

    i bet those magic shows are cute!! that is wonderful to encourage his imagination!! we are still stuck on legos here.

  3. I never thought of having a monthly cleaning schedule. That's a novel idea.

    I've been freaked out before by dolls left in the car. They get more and more realistic these days.

    Kristin - The Goat

  4. I remember seeing a news story about a little girl holding her doll out the window of the car and the father being stopped by the police...crazy. I did get my grand daughters very real looking baby dolls too...
    Robes in heaven sounds good. My grand son asked me how many nails they used on Jesus...I was so upset wondering why he would even think that and now I'm told it is a very common question for young boys (whew)...


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