Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What does Tuesday night look like?

I've been attending a new Tuesday night Bible study. And Tuesdays were already our crazy day. I pick the 2 older kids up from school and we go straight to swimming for all three kids, then home for a quick dinner and homework before I take them with me to the church where I have the Bible study and my husband meets me there from work and we switch cars (I admit that sometimes it really feels good to hand-off that car-full of kids!). I head into my Bible study and he drives to my oldest's basketball practice.

So, after all that, what does my house look like when I get home from Bible study?
Two thoughts I had as I gazed at the reality of my kitchen:

1. I'd take His Word over a clean kitchen any day.

2. Were these children raised in a barn? The coats and shoes were thrown on the floor rather than put on the proper hooks and shelves that are two feet away!!!

What does your Tuesday night look like?

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  1. HAHA! That's how my kitchen looks on a GOOD day. :)

  2. Ha ha...I will have to post a picture of what my dining room looks like as everyone treads in after school and work. I look like I own a shoe store and coat, hat, bookbag store that exploded. I must be getting relaxed in my old age, because it doesn't bother me one bit anymore. Oh if only I could have learned that years ago. Oh well, better late than never.

  3. I get up and get my son to his co-op science class, work for 4 hours, do my library run, drive for half an hour for son to attend Civil Air Patrol while daughter and I spend some quality time before our fellowship's prayer call. For the last hour of CAP I sit in the dark car and pray with others over the phone, then drive back home by 9:30 at night, and yes, my house looks similar on Tuesdays. :-)

  4. Why does that look EXACTLY like what my house would look like if I were not here?

  5. Hehehe... I love that statement "it feels really good to hand-off that car-full of kids" I have done that before!

    As for you dining room. Why yes! Mine has looked like that before! Quite frustrating and yet I always find it's just a few minutes to clean up. I love your outlook on it that you'd take this for some time in the word though. I must remember that!

    Take care and thanks for sharing!

    PS- last week I shared my trashed kitchen. I wish I had a better excuse for it getting that way too. Hehehe...

  6. Oh man. Every night looks like that around here. Had to laugh at the coats on the floor. It doesn't change when they get older. My boys walk right past the coat rack when they come in each night and toss their coats in "their" corner. :) Sigh. Along with their bookbags, lunchboxes, shoes and pocket contents.

    Thanks for sharing. It's nice to know I'm not alone. Lol!

  7. hahaha I had the same experience last night. Kids managed to get their dirty clothes picked up but they made a pile right in front of the laundry sorter. The pile even leaned up against the laundry sorter. I am grumbling, thinking why couldn't they put the clothes into the baskets when I look over and see socks and a shirt lying beside our bed. No wonder! Daddy does the exact same thing! LOL


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