Wednesday, January 26, 2011

When life gives you puddles . . .

My 3rd child has this zest for life that is really inspiring to me. The zest is always loud, usually messy, and has most definitely contributed to my graying hair, but I do admire the way he does life in a big way.

For example, a few days ago we were walking down a long sidewalk to pick up my two older kids from school, it had rained all day long and was still raining. My 3 year old was wearing his rain boots and literally tried out every puddle along the way, even hiking up his jeans well over his knees so he could really jump and splash in the many big puddles. His jeans were soaking wet, but he had a blast! I wish I had my camera for the really big puddles, I had to settle for capturing his re-enactment once we got home.

Life often gives us puddles, big ole ones right in the middle of our path, are we gonna complain and tiptoe around them trying to keep dry or are we just going to jump right in with both feet and make the biggest splash ever?

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  1. for a change, i'd like to jump right in.

  2. This is great! I often tell myself to look at the world through my two year olds eyes ... because truly they have the key to life down-pact... i think we just lose it as we grow up too often .... JUMP IN and make an impact! :D

  3. God is really good, he can even use your 3 year old son to teach a woman like me:), yes why complain, why not just jump in

  4. What a perfect example! Life IS messy, but jump right in and make a difference! Have a wonderful day...HUGS

  5. What a refreshing perspective, I think I'll try a splash!


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