Thursday, January 20, 2011

Finer Things!

My 3 year old's vivid imagination was back at it this morning, but instead of being a baby bird I needed to feed worms, today for some reason it was all about hatching eggs. As in, "Mommy! Come see! The baby chick is hatching! Quick cover it up to keep it warm!" And there he'd be curled up in a tight ball and then suddenly he'd pop up - hatched! By 7:55 am I'd already hatched a chicken egg, a penguin egg, a snake egg, and a crocodile egg!

What can I say? It's a glamorous job!


Speaking of the 3 year old, I found his new habit of falling asleep on the floor in the hallway during naptime really cute,

until today, when he had a pee-pee accident while sleeping! Now why I don't just put a diaper on him at naptime like we do at night, I have no idea. I guess that would be too easy. Most likely its stubborn mommy syndrome that thinks he shouldn't need diapers at all any more because his big brother and sister were completely done with them by his age, but the little dude? Is a heavy sleeper!


I found this in my bed recently:

thankfully it is not a real mouse/rat-like thing, but just Num-Nums my daughter's Zhu-Zhu pet. Even so, the electronic hamster will be booted out before I sleep there, I'm not sharing my pillow with anything resembling a rodent!


I have done many Beth Moore Bible studies where we watch her on video along with discussing the lessons and they are always phenomenal. But, I'd never seen her live until this week. And y'all? It was something! She was fabulous and the place was a sight; imagine a large Southern Baptist church completely filled with women (as in not only did the worship center fill up but there was overflow into the chapel and fellowship hall). I kept commenting on the shear number of women all in one place to my friend who is a veteran of the Beth Moore live Bible Studies and I'm sure she thought I was a nut. But, really it was amazing, awesome, and a little eerie all at the same time! Beth Moore announced that the church had run out of toilet paper and I don't doubt it. We women can use some t.p.!

I went to print off the homework for next week and had to laugh, it's 24 pages! Only Beth Moore can ask a grown-up to do 24 pages of homework in a week! I'll do it, somehow, and be all the better for it!

Gotta go help my husband track down which of our roughly 12 smoke detectors is doing the high-pitched, low-battery beep!

Happy Friday!

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  1. Beth Moore's studies are great! I have taken a few of them myself, my favorite is the one on the gifts of the spirit. It would be awesome to actually see her in person.

  2. Our smoke detectors just did the same beep last week. Funny!

    I've never heard of Beth Moore Bible Studies, but I need to look into that. I could use some bible refreshing, but not 24 pages of it! LOL

    We have Zhu-Zhu pets too. Aren't they so annoying?!

    Kids can fall asleep anywhere. It's so amazing.

  3. I;ve done a few of the Beth Moore WONDERFUL to see in her in person. I HATE those smoke dectors some times...sooo annoying. And yet, after our Thanksgiving fire, I guess I can't say too much! Have a wonderful week-end. HUGS

  4. Oh the crazy things my kids have left in my bed. At least it's not as disgusting as the things a cat would leave on the porch!


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