Thursday, February 3, 2011

Flurry Furry Frenzy

Between the snow predicted for tomorrow and picking up our new puppy over the weekend (when, thankfully, the temperatures are supposed to be back up into the 50s), it is quite the flurry furry frenzy of excitement around here! And I'm not sure who's more excited about it all, the kids or me!

When I got the call about school being canceled for tomorrow, I was thrilled! Because ice or no ice, when it's twenty-something degrees outside it is really, truthfully just too cold for me to venture out, and doing it the last few days I've had enough, I'm calling "Uncle" to our 4 day winter and ready for the return of 60 or 70 degree days!

After I heard about the snow day, I immediately began the list in my head -- we'd sleep in, play in the snow, drink hot chocolate, play games like Hungry, Hungry Hippo over and over again, build stuff with Legos, lay around and read books under fleece blankets, bake the soft pretzels I've been wanting to try, maybe make a Valentine-themed dessert, watch a movie, I'd work on a sewing project, maybe sand and paint the bathroom cabinets. . . The list? Only took me about 45 seconds to come up with but to actually do all those things would take several days worth of snow days!

But still, I'm excited to have an unexpected day off from usual life and to have the kids all to myself!

There's even a special snow-day breakfast planned!!

I have no idea what it was about the possibility of a snow day that inspired me to buy some pre-packaged powdered sugar donuts. In my adult life I have never before purchased them, my kids have never had them, but the party's on tomorrow at breakfast!


As for the furry frenzy, come this time next week when Madeline has had many accidents in my house, chewed up all the kids favorite toys, and woken me up at night, somebody remind me of the excitement I have right now about getting a new puppy! I really cannot believe we are about to unleash the crazy of a puppy on the It Already Felt Like Chaos Household!


I am very happy to report that our electricity has been constantly on since Wednesday morning. Our 12 hours of intermittent power gave me a new appreciation for heat, lights, and the ability to open the refrigerator without my husband making me feel like I was contributing to everything in there spoiling! And, I didn't enjoy making myself feel like an idiot every time I walked into my closet and reached up and flipped the light switch -- duh, the electricity is out!


I know I have mentioned before the amount of paper that floods into this house with having 3 kids, but here's a visual, this is the paper pile of worksheets, school notices, and crafts I gathered that came home just this week -- and it was only a 4 day week!! I counted 35 items and there are likely still a few around I missed!

There is a landfill somewhere groaning.


A month or two ago, my 3 year old outgrew his 3T jeans and as I dug out the hand-me-down 4T jeans from my older son, I realized they were rather worn. I think four was the age my 1st son really began wearing his jeans out at the knee. And, sure enough, after just a month or so of my 2nd son wearing them, there were holes in the knees. I couldn't believe I was going to have to buy new jeans, especially since we really only need them for another two months or so before it will be shorts weather every day here. So, I decided if I was going to have to buy him new jeans, I was going to get them big enough that there was at least hope he could wear them some of next fall/winter. With the jeans having the adjustable waistbands these days, I knew I could buy a 5T and make them small enough to stay up on his waist, then I'd just roll up the bottom. So I bought two pairs of the 5T size.

And now my 3 year old is sporting this look:
Poor 3rd child! I'd never have done this with my 1st two children!

May you all enjoy a fun, flurry, furry filled weekend with just a bit of football thrown in since it happens to follow the "f" theme!

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  1. I don't know if I've ever commented on your blog or not, but did you know I'm following you? (insert creepy music :) ) I have had you on my blog list for quite awhile, and I think we must live close to each other. Power outages and all here as well!! Between kids being sick, snow days, and me being sick, we've been in the house for ALMOST 3 weeks straight. Hopefully we'll all get out soon!! Good luck with the puppy :)

  2. One snow day is fun. Two is a bonus. But 4, then a weekend? Mother Nature is playing games with our sanity in Indiana.

    Poor 3rd kid. I have one too. He wore red and green frog socks to church last week and I just pretended not to notice. Never would have happened with the other 2.

    Oh, and the donut pic? Totally the reason I clicked over here!

  3. I used to love snow days which I don't get anymore since I work--boo hoo. You have some good ideas there for your unexpected extra time! Those powdered donuts for breakfast should get things off to a lively start!

    Great that you are getting a puppy. That should keep you busy!

    Stopping by from FF.

  4. oh i TOTALLY do that to my kids!! all the clothes from boy#1 have been destroyed after size 5T. he finally gave some good jeans after size 10, so we are goign to be good at that point ;-) boys are great though!!

    yay on the puppy name, how cute!! did you ever post pics of your new puppy?? our pooch turns 2 in march. he loves slippers, snotty kleenex from the trash, and, well trash. i still don't have any idea if a lidded can would work. he figures things out too much. dogs are a great addition to any household, hang in there. this phase does end! unless you got a king charles spaniel. my cousin swears that breed will NOT potty train.

  5. I just rolled the hems of my youngest son's pants this morning and couldn't believe I was doing it!! Stinks to be the fourth child :)

  6. "There is a landfill somewhere groaning." hahaha!!! That pile looks EXACTLY like the one on my kitchen hutch and a 2nd one on my desk in my dressing area. With three of the four kids in school, I struggle keeping up with the piles of schoolwork and "priceless art". I've started framing the really cool stuff and taking digital pics of the rest.

  7. I'm so jealous of your snow day. We haven't had snow lately, but it's been VERY cold. 30 below zero is the cut-off for a late-in, and we only made it to 25 below. That's pure CRAZY. I'm ready for some sun :)


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