Thursday, February 24, 2011

Not the abundance I had in mind!

So, apparently God wanted to me to write last night's post, in preparation for the day I'd have today.


Abundance of bodily fluids.

The day began with my 3 year old taking off his nighttime diaper which was not seemingly a problem, I saw him doing it and continued packing lunches for my older two kids. The 3 year old only wears a diaper at night, and has not gone #2 in it in months. Only last night he did. And then proceeded to make a bigger mess taking off his own diaper before he or I realized it was a dirty diaper. Mess cleaned up (while fending off the dog who really wanted to help clean up the mess -- gross, gross!) and the little guy got an impromptu morning bath, which he loved, swam around in my jacuzzi tub while I got ready for the day.

Shortly after lunch I got a call from the elementary school, my 8 year old son was in the nurse's office, he'd thrown up at school. I woke the 3 year old up from his nap, raced to pick up the sick child, got him home, settled him in a bed with a trash can nearby, scrubbed my hands about 5 times, put the 3 year old back down for his nap, dug out the Lysol and latex gloves, cleaned up a few rounds of throw-up.

Since the 3 year old's nap was interrupted, he took forever to go back to sleep and once he did he really fell into a deep sleep and I hadn't taken him to the potty since the beginning of his original nap, pre-unanticipated school run for sick child. So, you guessed it, he woke up from his nap completely soaked in urine. All his bedding, all his clothes, and his large stuffed bulldog security object Big Duke had to go in the washer and the 3 year old got his 2nd bath of the day!

While bathing the 3 year old and hollering at the 5 year old to please not go in the room with the sick 8 year old, the puppy wrapped the bathroom in toilet paper!

Dressed 3 year old, cleaned up t.p. mess in bathroom and then sick 8 year old was bored, wanted to come out of bed. I really wanted to keep him quarantined from the other two well children, but we don't watch much TV and when we do it's always in our family room, we only have one other really old TV upstairs in the playroom where the kids play video games. So, I hooked up the playroom TV to the DVD player after much trouble I got it to play a movie for the sick child and moved the couch over, covered it in a sheet and put trashcan next to it, so he could be entertained and kept away from the rest of us as much as possible.

While setting up the sick bay in the playroom, puppy goes pee on the playroom carpet -- awesome!

Shoo well children away from sick child again, get Petzyme to clean up doggie urine, and deem it the day of abundant bodily fluids!

Thankfully the vomiting was short-lived, praying nobody else gets it and for tomorrow's abundance to be more pleasant!

Mommy's Idea


  1. I know I've probably said it before, but I love your blog because it feels like I'm reading my own writing. I hope and pray for you that no one else gets the sickness and that the fluids stop flowing! :)

  2. Oh no! What a day. I hope no one else gets sick.

  3. Wow! What a day! You are so lucky your 3 year old still takes naps and is almost potty trained! Congrats! What's the secret? My own son just turned 3 and is fighting the potty training so bad. He want's to go to preschool with his older sister but can't until he is potty trained... Even that won't get him motivated... So frustrating!!!

    Hope everyone gets to feeling better soon!

  4. Someday they will all be old and dealing with their own pee and poop and throw up and it will be a sad, sad day! Kind of. ;)
    I love your frags!
    I hope the weekend doesn't involve as many bodily fluids!

  5. OH MY! That's a lot of abundance of eewwww. Hope everyone is feeling better. I hate to tell you but I was laughing a whole lot reading this post.


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