Monday, February 28, 2011

Make Your Own Easy Theme Cakes

Trust me this is easy.

You can make a theme cake for pretty much any occasion.

The hardest part is finding the right template, but just search the internet for pictures then print it (I had to resize mine a few times to get it right) and cut it out.

Once you bake your cake (I even used box cake mix, then iced with homemade icing) and it cools, dump the cake onto a cutting board, set the paper template right on top of the cake and cut around it with a large knife.

And you have a super easy fun shaped cake to ice!

Here are the cakes I did this past weekend for my oldest son's bowling birthday party. And the bowling ball cake I didn't have to cut at all; it was just a regular round cake! But the bowling pin was a 13 x 9 in cake that I cut out to the shape of a bowling pin. Both cakes were 2 layers.

Here's a link to other shaped cakes I've done:

Cowboy boot cakes

Lightsaber cake

I'm grateful to be able to save money without having to buy the expensive bakery cakes but still have cute, fun cakes to celebrate my kids' special days!

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  1. They look awesome - you are so talented!

  2. What a fabulous tackle! :o)

    I've never been brave enough to cut out shapes for cakes; however, I typically bake and decorate all the birthday cakes around here. Your kids' friends will be begging their Moms to 'make me a cake just like ____________'s Mom did!' :o)

    Visiting from 5MfM. Happy Tuesday! :o)

  3. Very cute!! I would SO rather tackle a cake myself than but something with a bunch of plastic toys on top!! Good job!

  4. wow. those are nice looking cakes, I wish I could bake too. :P visiting for 5 mins for mom MommyLESsons too!

  5. CUTE and YUM! I must go get a snack now. :)


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