Sunday, February 20, 2011

If my 5 year old daughter were president . . .

My 5 year old daughter recently had the writing prompt at school: "If I were president, I would . . ."

She wrote:

"I wlod tell the peple to not juje peple just by ther skin colr."

Translation from kindergarten phonetic language to standard English:

"I would tell the people to not judge people just by their skin color."

And she drew a little sad-looking (perhaps unfairly judged) blue person on the back.

She's got my vote! Anyone on board? Election year 2040?

Happy President's Day!

Smiling Sally


  1. ill vote for your 5-year old. she's got huge sensibilities towards all races.

  2. As a past kindergarten teacher I just loved the picture and the sentiments. May I write a poem on the subject? Of course, I'll acknowledge your blog and tell you when it's published.

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  4. Yes, I'd would surely vote for her if I was American!

  5. WOW...that should have made your mama heart proud. Such deep thoughts for a five year old. She's got mine too!

  6. She has my vote too. Cute drawing.

  7. She is a smart one. We should never be too quick to judge anyone, before we get to know them.

  8. WOOHOO! Your daughter rocks!
    See.. we DO need a female president!
    Happy Blue!

  9. Hahahaha I would definitely vote for your daughter, even if you did not make translation of her own writing, I perfectly understood what she has trying written...
    your newest follower,


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