Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Daddy's Arms

I love this picture of my 5 year old girl and my husband hugging!

Every little girl needs a daddy.

I can't wait until our precious girl in Ethiopia feels the love and security of those daddy arms, too!

We are desperately clinging to the hope that she will be in our arms forever very soon.

This upcoming trip to Ethiopia is like nearly everything else in the world of adoption, joy intermingled with heartbreak.

We will get to meet her! But only for three different one hour visits. And then we will have to leave, to leave her without knowing when we can go back and get her and bring her home! We won't tell her we are her mommy and daddy on this trip because we don't want her to think that's what mommies and daddies do, they leave. We don't want her to be sad when we go. We don't want her to spend the weeks or months in between our visit and getting to bring her home wondering if maybe she did something wrong and we decided not to be her parents. Oh how much we want her to know that we love her and that she has a family, but it will not be the right time to share all that with her on this first trip.

Praying our Father in Heaven holds all of us in His arms during that time we have to be apart!

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  1. Great picture! Good Luck with the adoption

  2. Great photo. Best of luck on the adoption.

  3. Oh you are soo right...NOTHING like daddy's arms. Praying all goes well. Hope your summer is going GREAT...HUGS!

  4. WOW, congrats on the adoption! And you are so right about not telling her you are going to be her mommy and daddy. You don't want her to think she is being abandoned over and over again!

  5. Nice picture. God bless for all your family plans.

    Cassy from Guitar Made Easy


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