Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Everybody Loves a Good Glue Gun Craft!

I have no idea where the summer has gone! Last summer I sewed a ton and this summer not so much. I have a million ideas bookmarked that I want to try, several projects I've even bought the materials for, but just haven't completed. Seriously it's a sickness, I am mid-project on way too many things and in the middle of reading, no joke, about 5 books right now!

But, enough with the negative, let's celebrate a project I DID complete (and with how scattered I've been lat
ely, if I was able to finish it, you know it's quick and easy!!!). I made this fun headband for my 5 year old using this tutorial from Ruffles N' Stuff.

It was really fun to make and she's gotten compliments on it a few times. I just used some fabric scraps I liked to make it and was happy to realize after the fact that it perfectly matches two of my daughter's dresses and coordinates with many other things!

So go finish yourself a project.

And if you're up for more crafty, here are some I have on my list of things I really want to try:

Interchangeable headband (Such a gre
at idea!)

Knuffle Bunny Tutorial (You know the book, right? my kids love it and how sweet would it be to be able to make them their own Knuffle Bunny?)

Six Pocket Bag (Oh how I love a good bag!)

Hamptons Hooded Beach Towel (My kids have hooded beach towels I bought a few years ago and they are w
earing out because we use them all the time! They are so great to use when they get out of the pool because with the hood then the kids are not dragging the towels through the wet ground and getting them all nasty like seems to happen with non-hooded towels.)

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  1. I love the hooded towel! I saved it in my list of projects to do. Thanks for pointing me that way!


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