Monday, July 11, 2011

We'd Rather Be In Ethiopia

So where have I been?

On a whirlwind trip with my immediate family of husband and 3 kids but also 15 other family members from my side of the family. A trip that we didn't expect we'd be able to go on when it was booked for us last Christmas, because surely we'd have our new Ethiopian daughter home and she would not
be ready for such a trip, or else we'd be in Ethiopia for a court date or embassy appointment.

But, this past week we weren't in Ethiopia or home loving on a new daughter, instead w
e were here: And although it was an amazing time, my husband and I definitely couldn't help thinking. . .

We'd rather be in Ethiopia!!!

How 'bout here?
Yep! Still, we'd rather be in Ethiopia!

A few times we paid for by-the-minute internet access and logged on long enough to see if we'd gotten the coveted news of a court date so we could go to Ethiopia.
But, that email didn't come.

We did get an update on our girl with a recent picture which, like so many other aspects of adoption, brought simultaneous joy and heartbreak. It was really great to see a new picture of her, to see her smiling and appearing healthy, but
she looked so much older that we couldn't help lamenting, "She's growing up without us!"

We got home super late last night, the kids schedules are completely off after being on time zones 2 and 3 hours behind our own, eating entirely too many treats,

staying up late. But, while I'm dealing with re-entry and mountains of laundry, I'm still hoping and praying for a miracle that we'll get a call this week for a first-week-of-August court date, right before the Ethiopian courts close for the rainy season! If nothing else, in the past week I've learned how to pack for a week-long trip. I can do it on short notice. Seriously, Ethiopian Court, just give us the word we'll be there! Gotta go see our 2 year old girl, before she becomes a 3 year old girl in October!


  1. I'll be hoping and praying with you!

  2. Our 2-year-old girl turns 3 next week in China. We are still months away from bringing her home and you are so right that it is so bitter-sweet. I love the updates but she looked really sad in the last pictures we received. Hoping you hear something really soon!

  3. I'm hoping and praying you get a court date too!


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