Monday, February 20, 2012

Brussel Sprouts for dinner!

On Friday I told the story about my 4 year old son begging me to make brussel sprouts because we had them 11 months ago and he loved them, well, I finally remembered to get some at the store.

I made them for dinner tonight.

Here's my little guy before the meal enthusiastically saying, "Raise your hand if you love brussel sprouts!"

Nobody else raised their hand except him.

My 8 year old's reaction to the brussel sprouts, "Yep, 11 months later and still gross!"

My 3 year old's reaction, "Disgusting!"

And the 4 year old who begged and begged for them?

Sadly 11 months has changed his taste buds.  He didn't like them!

The good news is I never have to make them again.  The bad news is that my kitchen will likely smell like brussel sprouts for the next 11 months!


  1. I LOVE Brussel sprouts. But only one of my children shares my feelings. The other two either gag or refuse.

  2. Our whole family (five of us) love 'em - especially cut and sauted - but I suppose if nobody wants them at your place, then it's lovely that you no longer have to prepare them :)


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