Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Valentine's Aftermath

If you ignore the shirt sleeve-chewing 4 year old, this is a fairly good picture of my kids on Valentine's Day 2012.

That 4 year old really had me laughing on Sunday as we worked on the Valentines for his class.  He wrote his name on each one and he typically writes the letter "E" at the end of his name with way too many horizontal lines.  So, I thought I'd use the repetition of writing his name 14 times in a row to really work on getting the "E" right.  I said, "Okay, 1, 2, 3 lines and you're done!" as he wrote the "E".  Then he said, "I know, but I really like drawing lines!"

And, who could argue with that?  Honestly, I know if he were my 1st child at age 4 I'd have insisted he do it correctly, but the blessing of being the 3rd child is that I'm like, "You know what that 'E' is the cutest thing, you just go on and make it like that."  And in my head I'm thinking, "It's not like he'll go off to college still making his "E" like that, right???"

I made red velvet cake balls for my kids' teachers.  There were some left-over.  There is a reason I only make these once a year, I'm usually pretty good with food temptation, but these are way too good. I can't resist!

A certain little girl definitely enjoyed her first Valentine's day, as evidenced by the chocolate on her shirt!  She didn't eat a ton of candy, but apparently it was too much as evidenced by the colossal tantrum this afternoon.

And now in the aftermath of Valentine's, every surface in my house pretty much looks like this:

Valentine's paraphernalia from 3 different classrooms (at least the Super Hero Bible is out in the midst of the chaos)!  I think we'll just have to order a dumpster for the driveway once I have 4 kids in school!


  1. Don't you just LOVE all of the papers/Valentine's after it's all over? Then the "problem"... what to do with them??? ack!

  2. GOOD MORNING You are soo right. By that 3 or 4th child you really have let go some of that feeling of this must be right and realize it all works itself out anyway. Glad you all enjoyed the day! HUGS

  3. I'm really loving that 'E'! :) Your kids are ADORABLE!

    Snow Bunny or Not?

  4. Great picture of your kids...and how funny about your son and his E's!!!

    I feel like we're still going through Halloween candy in our house, and then the bags of Christmas candy...and now the v-day candy....I vote that we need a healthier holiday!! LOL.

    Your sweet new girl is beautiful!


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