Thursday, February 23, 2012

Laughing on a Friday

I'm going to an adoption conference on Saturday.  It will be my husband's first full day alone with all 4 kids, he really may not survive!

We traveled to a different adoption conference last October.  Let me just stop right here and say, y'all know I love me some adoption, right?  I mean I have adopted a child, can talk adoption all day, love adoption stories, and really LOVE every other adoptive parent I've ever met!

But, I don't know about this!  My husband and I saw this vehicle in the parking lot at the adoption conference in October and we had to laugh, and point, and snap a couple pictures:

 From left to right, you've got Guatemala, Ethiopia, United States, South Korea, and China all with hearts.  I'm going to give this family the benefit of the doubt and say they did not set out on a mission to collect a child from each of the main adoption countries of the past 10 years as if they are trinkets, but really that car display kinda makes it seem like that! 


Okay, moving on.

How cute are these two?!!

They both love hugs and are kindred spirits in this regard, and the hugging thing is a daily occurrence between those two but for some reason every time they hug, Little Girl insists I take a "Photo!  Photo!"

My girlies and I did some toenails!  

The 6 year old is all about alternating color patterns on her toes.  I think I should charge more for such a high-maintenance pedicure! 


I was cleaning out my closet last weekend and I overheard the following conversation:

4 year old son:  "Dad, Can I have Starbucks now?"
my husband:  "Huh?"
 4 year old son:  "Starbucks! Mommy said I could have Starbucks after lunch!"
My husband:  "I have no idea what you are talking about."
4 year old son:  "DAD! Yes, you do know!  STARBUCKS!"

I was snickering because I totally knew what my 4 year old was really saying, but it was way too entertaining to step in.  Besides, I had managed to sneak away and actually begin to get something accomplished in a household where somebody needs me exactly every 8.5 seconds, so no way was I leaving my hiding spot!

Finally the 4 year old went and got what he was talking about and brought it to my husband. 

4 year old son:  "These! Starbucks.  Can I eat these?"
My husband:  "Starburst!  Starburst, Son!  They're called Starburst!  Yes you can eat them." 


Happy Friday, Friends 

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  1. Ha, ha. Just proves dad needs to spend more time with his son to learn his language.

  2. Those little painted are just precious. I've only got boys so the only nails I paint around here are my own.

    Love the Starbucks/Starburst story! :)

  3. Starbucks. Around our house my kids know Starbucks even though where we currently live, we don't have one. We went there so often in a previous city we've lived in my then 3 year old used to order for us.

    That's so bad!

    I'd love to find a site that lists some good adoption conferences if you can recommend one. We have a daughter from Taiwan and are waiting for our second referral in the next few months.

    Happy Friday!

  4. True Story from a friend:
    Friday night:
    Mom: well, I'm on my way to my Women's retreat! See you Sunday night!
    Dad(looking at 4 kids, 2 recently adopted): but... but... What will I do? I might kill one of them!
    Mom: Choose wisely!

  5. Ah, how cute!! Maybe some day he will want Starbucks as well ;-)

    I think it's possible to take anything to the extreme. I am hoping those folks are just trying to either be loud or proud or both of adopting their children.

  6. The back of that car reminds me of passport stamps. Hummm....

  7. Such sweet hugs.

    Cute little toesies.

    LOVE the Starbucks story.

  8. Oh, and are those those "spill proof" bowls in your header, and if so ARE THEY???? (spill proof.)

  9. ha ha ha Starbucks. So fun when gets get words wrong.


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