Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Bye-Bye-Summer-Vacation Festivities

We are saying "Bye" to summer with some big fun.  There's more to come this weekend, but today we had "Outdoor Day" at home:

No, they don't really all fit in that wading pool, but togetherness is it's own kind of fun!

Shaving cream is a hit for all ages!

And of course there had to be Popsicles!

Guess who wanted to come out and join in the fun but was trapped inside because she'd just gone to the groomer yesterday and would have rolled in the muddy water in about 3 seconds flat?

I'm always a little sad when summer winds down.  I enjoy having my children at home and kind of hate sending them back to school.  But, my kids love school and they learn so much there.  We are so blessed with a wonderful public elementary school just minutes away!  I can't even count the life lessons my kids have gained from public school that I could never teach them at home.  So, off they'll go on Monday (even one heading off to kindergarten - I'll repost my kindergarten post from years past this weekend), but we are going to really enjoy these last few days of summer vacation!

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