Thursday, August 2, 2012

I'm back, did you miss me?

 Even though there have been blog posts this week, I've actually been gone.  The wonder and amazement that is advance scheduling of posts!  Really I ought to do that more often instead of waiting until the last minute to write all my blog posts! 

There was also the sneaky benefit that I went on vacation without announcing to The Internet that I would be away so anyone with super sleuth powers to track down my house would not know it would be unoccupied for several days!


We just got back from a family vacation in Seaside, Florida.  It was wonderful.  A beautiful, quaint beach town, perfect for relaxing.  We are hoping to make it an annual vacation spot for our family!

We left last Saturday early, early and drove about 11 hours to the beach.  The kids did surprisingly really well during the long car trip there and back.  More about our trip next week when I've recovered from the re-entry to regular life, and my kitchen is no longer covered with every single item we took with us on the trip!

But here are some initial pictures:

I fell in love with the house we stayed in!  Really we did not want to leave!  All the houses in Seaside have white picket fences and charming character. 


Instead of unpacking I spent the night tonight glued to the TV and relishing the U.S. Olympic Team successes in gymnastics and swimming.  Awesome, just awesome!  Love Gabby Douglas!  Such poise for such a young girl!


There was also the fanfare of a dog show at our house today!

Here were the contestants:

Scruffy (the brownish dog in the front center position) won the long jump contest which consisted of my 6 year old daughter throwing the stuffed dogs across the living room and the one that landed the farthest away was the winner!  Lucky Scruffy!  

Talk about entertainment, that dog show competition ranked right up there with a Michael Phelps/Ryan Lochte race!


Wishing you an entertaining weekend!

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  1. That vacay house IS gorgeous.

    I'm LOVIN' the dog show idea. Creative kids, talented dogs. ;-)

  2. The water looks so inviting - glad you had a great time. the dog show contestants are so cute!!!


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