Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Flashback 3!

Okay, so I promise to take a break from the flashbacks soon, but oh, the memories!!

Today, we're flashing back to October 19, 2003. 

We only had 1 child back then, our son was 8 months old.  We were on vacation in Siesta Key, Florida and in this picture we'd gotten up early to watch the sun rise.  I remember this moment and just how perfect it was!  Cuddling with my baby boy as the sun came up over the water.  

I loved those dinosaur jammies!  And he was so easy to travel with back then, which was just a couple months before he started walking and everything got harder.  Also, that vacation to Siesta Key was one of my favorites, it is a beautiful Florida destination!

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  1. I'm surprised that it was cool enough in October in Florida for long sleeves! I have lived in Florida my whole life and we're a hot state! :)

    Wonderful flashbacks! Have as many as you want!


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