Thursday, January 17, 2013

Dogercize and Other Random Things

Yesterday when I was doing my Jillian Michaels - 30 Day Shred exercise video (Yes, I'm still doing the Shred even years later,  I do it a couple times each week along with some running days as my exercise regime.  Sometimes I think I'd like more variety, but I haven't found a workout video that's as good of a work-out for the time put in -- in this case 30 minutes for cardio, abs, & weights!), this was my view during the abs/sit-ups part.
Each time I leaned forward and sat up for the sit-up, I got a wet sloppy kiss right on my face!  If you've never had this exercise experience, you are missing out for sure!  Dog breath makes the whole thing even lovelier!


I really didn't make any fitness New Year's resolutions, but the fragment above combined with this one will make it seem that way.

Guess who likes to drink green smoothies with me at lunch?

Is there anything Little Girl won't eat, you may ask about my 4 year old (home from Ethiopia 1 year)?  Peanut butter!  Yep, she doesn't like it at all.  But, really I can't think of anything else she won't eat!  Recently we discovered that she LOVES grapefruit juice!  I'm so thankful for what a great eater she is, I just had my moms' group tonight that is a support group for adoptive mothers and it's more the norm that adopted kids have food issues!


My husband took the training wheels off the 5 year old's bike a few weeks ago.  He's actually pretty stable, has gone some very short distances on his own, and seems just about ready to take off on two wheels all by himself.  But for now, he does need someone to walk alongside and steady him a bunch.   Today, while I was doing that he told me he wanted to do "super fast mode".  As in, he wanted me to sprint down the street while holding onto his bike helping him balance!  Um, no, Buddy, you gotta wait 'til you're doing this all on your own for "super fast mode".  I'm huffing and puffing just through "medium mode".


I saw something this week that quickly became reason #2,248 The Internet has made me a better homemaker and it is an entire website devoted to what's good at Trader Joe's?  Don't ask me how much more money I spent on my Trader Joe's run after discovering this website!  But the cookie butter?  Honestly I don't get the hype.  I tried a spoonful straight from the jar and really I wasn't impressed, maybe it's because I don't love gingerbread?

So far, it's the pizza dough, the cereal bars, the Jo-Jos (vanilla, chocolate or candy cane -- all awesome), the chocolate bars, and the Ethiopian coffee that keep me going back to Trader Joe's.  But, I have some new stuff I bought this week that I've yet to try, like the veggie sausage patties I'm going to try to slip into my family's Saturday morning breakfast as if it's regular sausage! 

Happy Friday, Friends!



  1. Love the pic of your dog :-) I don't think I'd be able to keep going with sit-ups if that was what greeted me every time - I'd be giggling too much!

    Happy FF!

  2. He was just spotting for you making sure you were doing the exercise correctly.

  3. Dog kisses are so much fun! There's a Trader Joe's in "the big city", but I've never even been in it.

  4. Love the dog licks! Maybe he thought a kiss was what you needed instead of sit ups! That's great that your little girl eats, but peanut butter????? It's a staple of my life! Surely, she'll start to love it soon.

    I've heard a lot about Trader Joe's, but sadly we don't have one. Nope, It's the regular old groceries in our area!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. I love the dog licks. I have the Shred video too. All I do when I use it though is yell at the tv. I don't seem to like Jillian Michaels very much when I work-out with her...

    My little one is 6 (adopted from Taiwan), and she eats everything. Even raw onion. Her brother eats nothing but mac n cheese, rice crispies and cheese sandwiches. They always say you get one of each when you have kids... ;)

    I've been in Trader Joe's once. I don't know, I just wasn't a big fan!

  6. Doggy kisses would be yet ANOTHER reason for me to NEVER exercise - - - I think that "e" word is a four letter one anyway.

    I can honestly say I've NEVER had a green smoothie.

  7. Sometimes my pets gather around me when I'm exercising too. I pet them while doing situps, the super hero hold or bridges.

  8. Your dog is absolutely ADORABLE! I'd love to see more pics of that cutie pie.

    I love TJ's, but we don't have one near us, which is probably a good thing.

    Super fast mode....pretty cute. Here's hoping you can soon move to couch mode, where the bike's considered.

    Thanks for linking up! Have a great weekend!

  9. Your dog looks a lot like one of mine. So cute. My dogs hide when I exercise, they get so scared. Then again they get scared when I sweep and one of them is terrified of feet:( I shudder to think where they were before they were here.
    The kids riding a 2 wheeler was always a bipolar moment for me. So proud and sad at the same time...
    I LOVE trader Joe's. It is not too far from me but is in a heavy traffic area which deters me from going as often as I would like. My dogs love the sweet potato dog biscuits.
    Our adopted grandsons(from the cracklands of Philadelphia) are 3 and 4. They have been with us 18 months and like our other 4 grandsons they are the fussiest eaters. Its mac & cheese, grilled cheese and chicken nuggets. The girls will try anything once:)
    Have a blessed weekend!


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