Tuesday, January 22, 2013

He rides, too!

Remember when I said here and here that as of a few months ago, none of our 4 children ranging in ages from 9 to 4 could ride a 2 wheeled bike?  And how my husband and I would sit up late at night and say to each other, "Wow, we have totally failed as parents! We are incapable of teaching our kids to ride bikes without training wheels!"

Finally in October we managed to teach the 7 year old daughter to ride hers and then a few weeks (and many, many frustrating moments where we all wanted to quit) later the 9 year old son learned to ride his bike.

Well, guess who's riding a 2 wheeled bike all by himself now?

 The 5 year old son!

Rock on, Little Buddy!

Three-fourths of our children riding 2 wheeled bikes?

We should probably go ahead and retire from this parenting gig right now on a high note!

And NOBODY, and I mean nobody, talk to me about teaching these 4 children to drive CARS in a few years!  I will put my fingers in my ears and say, "La, la, la, not listening to you!"

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