Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Preserve Those Precious Creations

A scenario I encounter pretty often is that a child will build/create something and, of course, they want to admire it for a while, sometimes they even want to show it to Daddy went he gets home from work 7 hours later.  Problem is that when you live in a house with 6 people and 1 dog, like we do, block towers just don't hardly stand a chance of surviving the hour, much less the entire day.

So, I've figured out an easy step that helps a lot to ease the upset feelings for a child when their creation can't last forever (or even 10 minutes).  

I take a picture!

It sounds so basic I have no idea why it took me so long to start doing this.  I could have saved myself so many hard moments trying to rebuild a creation with a tearful child!  Having the picture is usually enough to satisfy my kids that their creation lives on, but should you need to rebuild, trust me, it is SO MUCH easier to do when you have a picture to go from instead of just a 5 year old telling you, "NO, that isn't how it was!"


  1. This is so simple but so great. As a blogger, we are all taking tons of pictures anyway, right? I love that I have all of their arts and crafts preserved that way. I haven't thought about it with what they have built out of toys and blocks too. I am sitting here starting at two lego castles as I type. Genius. Jodi @ www.meaningfulmama.com

  2. Fab idea. It's something they do in nursery a lot but have to confess I don't do enough at home. Am thinking we need to start a picture scrapbook or album to put them all in.

  3. Great idea and so easy! I'm all for fewer tears!

  4. I love this. My phone is filled with photos of pictures and projects. My son loves to scroll through them and talk about all the things he's made.


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