Thursday, January 24, 2013

What Are You Googling?

Monday I Googled, "dog ate cheese wrapper".

You know the clear plastic that wraps around an individual slice of cheese?  I left a wrapper on the counter and Madeline the dog jumped up and got it.  I chased her down, but should have known that would just lead to the outcome of her swallowing her prize in one gulp rather than risk losing it.

Turns out many, many people have had the experience of their dog eating a cheese wrapper!

And you want to know what's infinitely better than calling your vet to ask about your dog eating a cheese wrapper?

Reading on The Internet what other people heard from their vet when they called to ask about their dog eating a cheese wrapper.

The prognosis?  It will pass (most things do, don't they?).  People were told to watch for the wrapper come out the other end in a few days.  I have to say, I'm not exactly watching intently for the plastic wrapped poop to end up in the backyard, but the dog is eating and acting normal so I think we're in the clear!

What's the craziest thing you've found yourself Googling?


Once we felt pretty sure our dog was not in any real danger, my kids and I had fun reading several of the Google accounts of dogs eating cheese wrappers.  That was some good entertainment!  Then we saw a search result that said, "Bunny ate cheese wrapper" and my 7 year old daughter was really excited for me to click on that so she could hear about the bunny that ate a cheese wrapper, but we figured out Bunny was actually the dog's name!


Because there was a request last week for more pictures of our dog.  I give you Madeline, the goldendoodle:

Only she's not usually that clean.  I've learned the hard way that when you have a lot of kids, like I do, you DO NOT want a white kitchen floor or a white dog because they will both always look dirty. 

When Madeline gets to looking too shaggy like below (notice the dingy grey feet and fur covering her eyes and while you're looking, take note of the dirty white floor as well!),  I have to ship her off for a day at the groomer.  Nevermind that I have never spent a day at the spa, I send my dog and therefore cannot afford to go myself!

And if we have neglected to brush her enough in between groomer visits (which is pretty much always the case), she is so matted the groomer has no choice but to clip her really short and she comes home a new dog!

That was in November.  Now we're back to the sheep dog look, so never fear the fur will grow back!

Speaking of animals, ask me how much I love the fact that there is a baby orangutan at our zoo that was adopted by a female orangutan after her biological mother failed to appropriately care for her.

Baby Aurora with her real mother (you know the one that cares for her day in and day out, not the one who gave birth to her):


That's all.  Happy Friday Friends!

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  1. What a cute dog - - - I prefer her pre-groomer, even with the gray paws and all.

  2. Thought I would share that my daughter's dog ate most of what was in the bathroom garbage bin. Later, they found whole Q-tips in his droppings in the back yard (not to mention the used tampons). How it all traveled without a hitch - we'll never know.

  3. My cat is white, and his feet look dirty constantly. Your little baby is so sweet!!! As for cellophane poop...that just made me laugh, literally, out loud. And searching for that on the 'net is even more funny...but I've done the same, the latest search was for slivers in a foot. Don't ask.

  4. Poor sweet puppy! My dog keeps eating things outside that make her sick. If it isn't cherry sticks, it's holly bush, sand toys and cat poop. I'm ready to muzzler her when I put her out! Lol! Totally understand!! And I LOVE the zoo adoption. It's like God provided the perfect picture for little girl to relate to. :)

  5. Beautiful dog! My latest silly Google search was how to remove a camera card that was accidentally inserted in the CD drive of my Mac computer. There were lots of interesting ways to get it out, and I chose one that worked like a charm. Go google.

  6. Sweet dog. She's adorable. I kind of like the fuzzy look! :)

    The things you can find on the Internet are moderately frightening. This is why I filter my son's surfing. It kinda scared me the videos of "Dora the Explorer" made into porn-ish type fare. Ack.

    Happy Friday!

  7. It is amazing what you can find on the information super highway...

  8. I love to google crazy stuff. What is even better is when you are typing it in and then google finishes your request for you and you think to yourself, somebody else had the exact same stupid question!

  9. When I taught kindergarten we took a field trip to a local vet. The best part of the trip was when the vet would put up x-rays of various animals who had eaten something and the kids had to guess what the object was.

    We were just talking about how we google the least little thing now. Last night we watched The Bourne Legacy and googled the opening film shot location. This led to a discussion as to whether or not Ed Norton wears a hairpiece so we googled it and discovered all sorts of actors who wear hairpieces and on and on it goes.

    Visiting from Friday frags...have a great weekend!

  10. Forgot to add...I'm following along here now : )

  11. I was interested in a 'doodle' till I heard about the grooming standards :-( I do think she looks good shaved.

    Google, huh? Well, we googled some fun history facts and attempted to find a free video on the Settling of Cape Town. Mostly we found folks who went for a visit and a video that I quickly shut off in front of the kids!

  12. beautiful dog
    love the baby Arang, too!

  13. Your dog is cute but I like the clean sheep dog look best. That's sad her fur gets so matted--she's cute!

  14. Our dog consumed an entire kitchen towel. There was no missing that coming out the other end. He also ate a brand new 5lb bag of apples. At once. Crazy dog.


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