Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring is here!!

These flowers in front of our house are only pretty for about 3 weeks each year, so you better believe we enjoy them!  My foursome after church on St. Patrick's Day:

Saturday we did some spring cleaning of our back patio and trimming of trees and bushes.  The kids were all part of our work crew.  My 7 year old dressed herself that day and I have to applaud her sense of style whilst picking out a yard work outfit!  I have matching pink rainboots, no seriously, I do!

Speaking of dressing herself, after church on St. Patrick's Day she changed into play clothes and took the green theme of the holiday to a whole new level:

I loved her extra details of the green necklace and hairbow (the dog and messy kitchen in the background were totally planned for your viewing pleasure)!  The way she's rocking these outfits lately, I'm thinking I should let her start picking out my clothes!


  1. The kiddos look cute in their outfits. It's great that they were so helpful with the yard work. Spring has yet to make an appearance here. I'm patiently waiting.

  2. While I lament the lack of snow this past winter, I'm really looking forward to things blooming in glorious colors like you have going on. :) The kids are adorable - and I love your 7 year old's sense of style! :)

    Psycho Mother Nature

  3. You have such cute kiddies! Happy Wednesday!


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