Monday, March 11, 2013

Tent Camping with Our 4 Kids

We survived, just barely, 3 days of tent camping with our 4 children!

There were s'mores and sleeping bags, hissy fits over THE BUGS, and a middle of the night storm that literally had my husband holding up the tent wall from the inside to keep it from blowing in (miraculously the kids slept through it)!  But, all in all good times!  Even I was helping discuss our next camping adventure on the way home!

And yes, I do brag a bit about us "tent-camping" with our children.  I have a friend who is RV camping with her kids this spring break and I may or may not have razzed her a bit saying, "RV camping is for sissies!"  But, really?  I must confess that in our tent my husband and I sleep on a double-decker air mattress that we plug into our SUV and inflate!  

Oh yes we do!

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