Monday, August 26, 2013

First Day of School Photos

I managed to get all 4 of my children to school today!

The positive:  Everyone had a good day and is happy with their teachers and the friends in their classes!

The negative:  I STILL did not get a moment to myself as Little Girl's first day of Pre-K was a short day (her typical day is only 3 hours, so you can imagine a short day!) and for the 1 hour and 15 minutes she was in school I had to attend a parent orientation/coffee at her school.  It was fun to catch-up with other moms at the preschool and hear the school rules and policies for the 7th year in a row, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't longingly think about all the errands I would have loved to run without kids or the spaces in my home that I wanted to organize with uninterrupted time!  Oh well, that day will come.  Just not tomorrow or the 2 days after that.  I'm beginning to fear I've filled too much of the time all my kids are away at school with volunteer jobs!  But, there are more important things in life than a perfectly organized home!

On to the first day of school photos.  Bless their hearts, all 4 of my children let me pick out the outfit they wore on the first day (I did give my 5th grader the choice of "collared shirt" or t-shirt and he chose "collared shirt" -- that's my boy)!  Nobody complained, they all popped out of bed and dressed quickly!  Let's just hope the 2nd day of school is met with the same enthusiasm.

First Day of Fifth Grade:

 First Day of Third Grade:

First Day of First Grade:

First Day of Pre-K:

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  1. I loved volunteering in my girl's classrooms through the years. You are right...a perfectly cleaned and organized home is overrated : )

    I love all your back to school pics, especially your adorble third grader as my 'baby' is teaching third grade this year. She is loving it so far.


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