Monday, August 12, 2013

The "Soccer Shirt" Little Girl Picked Out

I took my 4 year old Little Girl to Academy today.  She is starting soccer soon and needed some soccer shorts.

I tried a few pairs of PINK - had to be PINK - shorts on her and they swallowed her, fell right down or had to be clinched so far they ballooned like clown shorts.  She is apparently too tiny for many of even the girls XS size shorts!  While I make it my mission to find XXS pink shorts there in the Academy Sports and Outdoors, Little Girl decides she needs a SOCCER SHIRT!  I knew we had a bunch of t-shirts to practice in and that she'd get a team jersey so I was not at all on the hunt for a soccer shirt, only the shorts.  But, if there's anything I've learned in the short 19 months I've gotten to parent Little Girl, it is that when she sets her mind to something there is not much that can stop that train.

So, I let her look around a bit for a "soccer shirt" while I identified exactly 1 pair of pink XXS small shorts in all of Academy.

Little Girl ran up to me as I was rummaging through the very back section of a rack.  "Here it is!  I want THIS soccer shirt!" she gleefully (read: loudly) exclaimed!

It took me a few seconds to get out from behind all the clothes and when I caught a glimpse of her "soccer shirt" I died laughing (and so did a man in his 40s shopping near me)!

I give you Little Girl's dream soccer shirt:

And holding it up so you can really appreciate the ensemble:

A yellow sports bra!  Is what she picks as her "soccer shirt".

Sweet mercy, somebody hold me, I am never going to survive this girl as a teenager!

As it was, she was not at all happy with my answers of "No, that is a bra and you are not old enough for a bra!"


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