Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Uneaten Lunch and 3rd Grade Math

Back-to-School week has gone well.  It's been tiring, but we've survived and everyone is still happy with their new classes!  To really kick off the back-to-school feeling for me, there's already been the lunch that has returned to me at 3:15pm uneaten, in pretty much precisely the same state as I packed it at 7:15am.  Ah, yes, I remember.  This is what the school year feels like!


I am not even exaggerating when I say that I spent 1.5 hours on Monday night filling out forms by hand for my 3 public elementary school kids, who are attending the same school as last year and we haven't moved!  Sweet mercy, somebody put those forms on-line and give me a box to check that says, "Our information has not changed"! 

Homework has been manageable so far and doable even from the couch:

Although there was once this week when I was looking at some stuff my 10 year old wanted to show me about his class and my 3rd grader rattled off a math question she wasn't sure about.  Usually I can answer those without skipping a beat, but this time I was like, "Whoa, repeat that question!  What?"

I give you our 3rd grade math:

"A turtle crawls up a 12 foot hill after a heavy rainstorm.  The turtle crawls 4 feet, but when it stops to rest, it slides back 1 1/2 feet.  How many tries does the turtle make before it makes it up the hill?"

Don't you just love a good story problem?!!


I was playing hide-and-seek with my 4 year old today while her older siblings were at school.  I hid first and it took her a little while to find me.  Then she hid and giggled from her hiding spot totally giving herself away.  I pretended to look for her, knowing all along where she was.  Once I finally "found" her she told me, "Mommy, you're supposed to make noise while you are hiding in hide-and-seek.  That's how you play the game.  Like you are suppose to laugh or make funny sounds!"

Guess I missed that aspect of the hide-and-seek rules!


One evening as I was tucking my kids in bed, I opened the closet in the boys' room and began hanging their clothes for the next day on their closet doors like I do before every school day.  Sometimes if I set out a shirt for one boy and the other boy has the same shirt, I'll just grab that shirt for the other boy, too.  They end up matching but it's really just from laziness on my part, it's easier to just think up one outfit and have it work for both boys.  

But, this evening I paused as I was doing it and looked at my 1st grade son and asked, "Do you like being dressed like your big brother?"

His answer was hilarious!  He said, "Yes, because then if I get lost, you can just point to him and say 'I need to find a boy like that, only smaller.'  


Happy Long Weekend, Friends!  I think after getting our kids to school on time  5 days in a row we've more than earned a 3 day weekend!


  1. ...and a long weekend at that!! Enjoy it all after a hectic week of getting them to school on time.

    The math problem looks like a fun one to work on. But I need more digits than I have to work it without paper. Did you mention paper? Well, a digital calculator anyway. With a box to check for the answer here! ;o)

  2. I hate filling out the start of school forms. Why can't they just do it electronically and let the form fields apply for all children. Seriously? This would not be that hi-tech to accomplish.

  3. I was just feeling a rant about forms coming on. I've been going to the same doctor as long as I can remember and every single time I go they hand me 3 forms to fill out. Enough!! My kids are complaining about the school forms. I agree with the electronic versions. It would be so much less work for all involved and green too.
    Our kids do not start til Tuesday. It is an awful end to the 3 day weekend. I don't like when my grandkids go back to school. It gives us so much less time with them.
    Have a great weekend.

  4. Picture problem solving is the best! I am always telling my third grader to draw out the problem so he can figure it out easier. He thinks he needs to do it all in his head. Yeah, because THAT makes life easy!

    The one form that bugs me is the "we have the same address and we still live in the school district but we still have to prove that to you" form. At least they are done now. Happy School!

  5. What a smart little boy.

    Our school system had everything printed out and you could just check to see if you had to change something. Guess we were "advanced".

  6. Amen to the same as last year info! We have to do that paperwork in the Spring to return to our school. Even though it is a public school, it is very popular so the registration is early.
    I love your kids perspective -- especially the hide and seek "sounds" and the matching his brother in case he gets lost.
    Happy FF!

  7. Your son's comment is priceless; that's a story that's going to make them loe this blog one day :)


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