Thursday, August 15, 2013

Just Don't Say, "Back to School"!

We have one more full week left of summer and honestly I am just not ready for it to be over!  Thinking about all the logistical details of 4 kids in 4 different classes/grade levels and all the balls I'll be expected to juggle to get people where they need to be when they need to be there with the things they need to have like lunches and homework and agendas signed by me, all makes me kinda hyperventilate just a little!  So, let's just pretend for a few more days that it's not happening!

I would like to say how thankful I am that our school allows you to pay a flat fee and then all your child's school supplies are delivered to their classroom, no running around looking for just the right kind of ruler/brand of red pens/specific color of folder that is on the school supply list!  And considering I'm in back-to-school denial, it's awesome to just skip those school supply aisles completely during my Target shopping trips!


Recently I noticed my 6 year old son and my 4 year old daughter playing dollhouse together.  "Well, that's VERY sweet!"  I thought.  

But, upon closer look, while Little Girl was pretending that the Mama Zuzu Pet was tucking in the baby Zuzu Pet,

My son had this double-sworded guy scaling the outside wall of the dollhouse:

Ah, gender differences!


Recently overheard around here:

Little Girl said this week, "When I grow up I want to be Nana's mom."

Nana is my husband's mom but will also be his granddaughter someday if Little Girl grows up to be who she wants to be!


 Happy Friday, Friends!


  1. HA!!! I have never seen boy/girl doll house stories on blogs before and THIS now makes the SECOND one in this week's frags!!!

  2. That school supply option (I assume it's not forced) is a great stress relief. I only did a part of the shopping but finding certain size supply things would drive me to too many places and nuts too.
    Nana's mom - that's a potential twisted time travel story.

  3. I agree with Bill about the flat fee option. It's also relieves a bit of peer pressure as someone always has better/worse stuff, don't they. I supervise a small after school program, and the teachers prefer to separate the boys and girls. What a difference! The boys use the tables as musical instruments, the chairs as ladders, etc. The girls sit, talk and want to color all day long.

  4. Yes! I hate shopping for school supplies. This way sounds great.

    In my area of Germany we had school until July 24 (year round schooling) so my daughter doesn't go back until September 9. But no matter when one ends and begins again the summer never seems long enough. As least for us it doesn't.

  5. So funny that we are almost fragment twins! I had one about back to school and one about how my son & daughter play with the dollhouse! The preordered school supplies sounds like a genius idea to me! As a former teacher, I know it makes it a lot easier on the teacher too!

  6. We are going back in a week, as well and I am NOT ready. Like you, though, I feel blessed that our PTA does the supply box. Two kids are killing me, I'm amazed by handling four!
    Happy FF!


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