Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Dear Tooth Fairy,

Really the tooth fairy ought to expect this sort of thing from us by now.  

No tooth under the pillow, we are not capable of keeping track of those tiny things once they fall out of our mouths, just a note asking for money. . .

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  1. Did the tooth fairy answer the note with money? I'm sure she did...she seems very accomodating.

  2. Same thing happens here ALL THE TIME. LOL

    Seriously, it's ridiculous. I lose the teeth constantly!

  3. Ha! My kid decided he needed to keep his two front teeth. And apparently the tooth fairy agreed and left them behind with a 20$. This is not the same toothfairy I knew as a kid! :)

  4. Ahahaha! That's awesome. So, next time, when the TF forgets to show up, can't really blame her, right?!


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