Thursday, April 24, 2014

Can You Even Stand The Excitement?!!

Well, there is just no end to the excitement around here!

Today, Little Girl lost her other top front tooth giving her a less lopsided smile.  

 And by "lost" I mean my husband tied a string around it, pulled it, and that thing popped out of her mouth with such force that it flew across the room and bounced off the wall!  In fact, it's hard to say it all happened so fast, but we think it may have even bounced off two or three different walls!  Thankfully we were able to find the tooth on the floor where it landed, so Little Girl could put it under her pillow.

I know!  I thought that whole thing about tying a string around a loose tooth was just a myth and nobody really did that to get a tooth out, until today.  This is our 4th child and the only one we've ever tried this technique on, but desperate times call for desperate measures.  Little Girl's grown-up tooth was already cutting through behind the baby tooth on top and the dentist told us at the last visit that if we saw that happening we needed to bring her in to have the tooth pulled because the baby tooth would stop the new tooth from moving forward in line where it needed to be and cause a serious orthodontic issue.  So, today when we noticed that permanent tooth coming in right behind that kinda loose baby tooth, we set to work trying to get the baby tooth out on our own rather than facing having to take her to the dentist to have it pulled, where he'd likely have to sedate her.

It also helps that Little Girl is pretty brave and tough.  Our oldest child wouldn't even let us go near his loose teeth when he was this age!


In other excitement this week, we welcomed new roly-poly pets into our household and then a day later mourned their passing.

My 8 year old daughter came out of school carrying a cup with two roly-polys she'd found in the schoolyard at recess.   She named them "STAAR Test 1" and "STAAR Test 2" because she was taking the State of Texas standardized testing, STAAR Test this week at school.

Here are the roly-polys munching on a piece of apple:

Sadly it may have been the apple that did them in because they died shortly after that tasty snack.

Thankfully my daughter wasn't too sad, "I know where to find lots more at school!" she said.  Then today she had me researching the care and keeping of roly-polys on The Internet so maybe we can keep them alive next time.


And as if that wasn't all exciting enough, on Wednesday I discovered something awesome!  

I bought a rug for my laundry room/back door entry a few months ago at Target.  It was only around $30 and I really loved the pattern and how it livened up my space.   But, as one might expect, a few months of 4 kids plus one dog and 2 parents traipsing over it had left it rather dirty looking.  I was sad because I'd really been enjoying the rug and I wasn't sure it would hold up in the wash, after all it was only $30 for a decent sized rug!  But, I got brave on Wednesday and washed it on gentle and even dried it on low in the dryer and lo and behold it not only held up through the washing, but it looks brand new again!

Oh, how I love a good Target product!  Really, Target, you've outdone yourself!


As is only fitting to keep up the excitement, our weekend plans include some massive cleaning-out projects -- the garage and the kids' closets!! 


Happy Friday!

Half-Past Kissin' Time


  1. My son hated us pulling his teeth and would leave them in as they basically hung from one stubborn root. Our daughter, however, is way behind her friends so she will do almost anything to lose a tooth right now.
    Glad to see something named STAAR making a kid happy. We just survived them with our son. Sorry they didn't survive the delicious apple.
    That rug looks awesome! I need a rug for a very similar place and I am officially impressed!
    Happy FF!

  2. Our granddaughter lost her first tooth this week as well. So glad your carpet came out of the wash looking good. I don't shop at Target.

  3. My dog loves roly poly's so much that she rolls on them. LOL

  4. I think this is the first time I've heard of a bouncing tooth. That's an adorable child.

  5. She is adorable and very brave. We tried the string thing with my son but couldn't get it to work.
    Poisoness apples hmmm...
    I LOVE my Target rugs. We have one at our doggy door and it washes so nice.

  6. Awe, Little Girl is very cute with her new smile. LOL, I can't help but laugh about the roly-poly's. I sure hope their untimely demise isn't an indication of the success of the State testing system.
    Have a great week!


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