Wednesday, April 9, 2014

This Girl

This 8 year old girl of mine can be a bit wacky, as evidenced by all the pens she hooked onto her shirt earlier today:

But, she can also be quiet and reserved in some situations.  She's my baby that had the hardest time with separation anxiety, lasting until she was 4 years old.  She's the one who I could have kept tightly by my side, she'd have happily stayed right there and her temperament is pretty similar to mine so she's pretty easy for me to have around.  I could have home-schooled this girl, kept her tucked comfortably close under my wing.  

But, I didn't and that girl has ventured out of the nest and grown in ways she never could have at home!  She still happily runs back into my arms at 3:15pm but not without smiles and excited stories of all the adventures from her day!

She gives presentations in front of her class, complete with a curtsy at the end that she wrote in for extra measure.  She volunteers to give the announcements to the whole school over the loud speaker when it's her class's turn and the teacher asks for volunteers.  She reads the jokes I send in her lunchbox to all her classmates sitting near her in the cafeteria.  

When she bounded out of school today, this sometimes labeled "shy" girl was so excited for her 3rd grade musical tonight.  She was jumping around free from any anxiety or nervousness about the performance.  Then tonight she sang every song and during her group's dance, she was in the front row on stage and did every part of the dance.  She later told me the music teacher let them pick if they wanted to be on the front row and she and her partner wanted to be in front.  I couldn't believe it.  I would have guessed she'd have chosen the back where she could hide, I know I would have!  But this girl is growing into her own confident person and looking back on these past 4 years, I can say public elementary school has definitely played a big part in that, pushing her just enough outside her comfort zones!

The pirate-themed 3rd grade musical:

It is a blessing to watch her grow up!  I can't wait to see what God has planned for her life!

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