Monday, April 28, 2014

No wonder I'm so tired today!

We did, in fact, tackle cleaning out the garage over the weekend:

The children helped with the hauling-everything-out-of-the-garage step

Meanwhile, the dog did this inside the house:

Now I hesitate to show the "after" picture of the garage clean out because it doesn't really look much better but TRUST ME, it is!!  We threw away about 12 bags of trash!  And, besides the huge accomplishment of creating room to park one car in the garage, we now KNOW WHERE EVERYTHING IS in the garage!  No more going to Home Depot and buying another paintbrush forever!!  We have a gazillion new ones that were all bought because we didn't know we already had some!


Then we moved on to the equally insurmountable tasks of cleaning out the kids closets and SCIENCE FAIR!  There were all manner of paper airplanes covering my house, but you will relieved to know we have put to rest a great debate in the arena of science!  A paper airplane made out of cardstock paper flies farther than one made out of printer paper or construction paper!

Now I need a weekend to recover from the weekend!

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