Monday, April 14, 2014

Watching My Daughter Complete Her First Triathlon

This past weekend my 8 year old daughter participated in a kids' triathlon.  For her age group it was a 100 yard swim, 3 mile bike ride and then 1/2 mile run.  It was her first triathlon and I was so proud of her for wanting to do it!

She amazed me so beyond what I even imagined, though! 

Setting up her bike and stuff in the transition area before the race all by herself because parents were not allowed into that area:

Heading off to start the first part of the race -- the swim, in a pool we'd never even seen before, much less swam in:

All smiles running out of the pool area and heading into the transition area to get her bike:

Getting her stuff on to do the bike part:

There's that smile again as she pushes her bike up the hill to the part where they can get on the bike:

And smiling again at the end of the 3 mile bike ride:

She was too fast on the run part, I couldn't catch her to get any pictures but here she is, THE FINISHER!!

I'm so proud of my girl, really I almost cried at a couple different parts of the morning!  Not only was she able to do all three portions of the athletic event with no problems, she had this confidence I've never really gotten to see in her before that was awesome!  Also, she wowed me with her good attitude rolling with all the logistical things required of the kids (like arriving at 6am, which meant waking up at 5am -- I thought she'd wake up grouchy or whiny, but she was happy and excited!) to do such a large event (there were over 2000 kids participating).  

She finished in 32 minutes which was really good for her first one and the best indication of a successful first anything --  she's already talking about doing another one!


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