Sunday, April 12, 2009

Eight is Enough

Sweet Heidi at Blue Eyed Blessings tagged me to play the Eight is Enough game, and I'm in, but I'm going to alter the rules a little and just post a lot of random things about me and the number 8, okay? If that is against all bloggy etiquette (by the way it took about 8 tries before spell checker was happy with my spelling of that word!), then I apologize -- remember I'm new!!

And I also just spent nearly
8 hours in the car with 3 little kids.

My kids' normal bedtime is
8PM. As we drove home, guess what time the last one finally fell asleep in the car? 10:18PM! Just about 10 minutes before we arrived home!!!

But we did make the trip with only one stop for dinner -- amazing!

I am very gr-
8-ful for the car DVD player!

I am also glad I did not have to say
8 times, but only once today, "It is never okay to wipe snot on your sister!"

If I'd played by the original rules,
8 of the things I was suppose to list were the 8 shows I watch. I do not actually watch 8 shows. I watch 3 - Lost, Survivor, and Jon & Kate plus 8. I know my husband and I have completely missed the American Idol bandwagon, but we don't know what we're missing and that is good because if I added more shows I wouldn't have time to blog!

Does anyone else watch that Jon & Kate plus
8? I can't believe I put my 3 kids to bed and then watch a show with 8 little kids screaming and fighting. But it is funny how much I can relate to and I only have 3 kids and they have 8. I love it when she's telling her kids not to crowd her or yelling, "People out of my way!" I will never be critical of her for this because I understand! It never fails that I'll be in a bathroom fixing 1 child's hair and suddenly all 3 children will be in there with me, and I can't even move without stepping on someone!

I'll leave you with the
8 items on my agenda for the day (besides the normal diaper changing, book reading, kid dressing, meal making, mess cleaning, etc. that goes on every day):
1. create my meal plan for the week and grocery list
2. visit the farmer's market and the grocery with both my little kids in tow because preschool is still on Easter holiday
3. pick up the dog from boarding at the vet
4. unpack
5. wash
6. pick up at elementary school
7. take daughter to ballet & take son to baseball practice
8. prepare snack to take to daughter's preschool class tomorrow

Happy Monday!


  1. Alright. I'm relating a little TOO well myself to your relating to Jon and Kate plus eight. And the line about wiping snot on a sibling. Oh the joy of it all!! lol! Here's to hoping you get through your to do list. :)


  2. Of course it's OK for you to "bend the rules" a bit! I always enjoy seeing others make these "tags" their own. Love your 8's! And, I love J & K Plus 8, too!


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