Monday, April 27, 2009

Spring Cleaning

It's gettin' done, my friends!

Slowly, but surely we're getting this house in order. I don't think I told you (and it is so exciting that you really have missed out!) that the weekend before last, I emptied all the lower cabinets in my kitchen, removed the plastic shelf liners, washed the liners, wiped out the cabinets, got rid of a few things, and then put everything back in an organized fashion. I love that I can clean my shelf liners. I'm not too proud to admit that it was nasty in places! Here is a link to the kind I have Warp Brothers #PM125-C 12x25' Clear Shelf Liner -- way, way, better than the old sticky-back kind!

I even talked my husband into letting me purge the cappuccino machine that was taking up cabinet space. He put up a fight because he could remember the exact last time he had used it -- over SIX YEARS AGO! Thankfully he noticed the water reservoir smelled slightly like mold and that convinced him to part with the beloved fancy-coffee-beverage-making-machine that we have not used since before we had kids!

So, what was the spring cleaning excitement from this most recent weekend?

The garage stockpile pantry.

Oh how I love a good stockpile! I posted about my stockpile shopping a while back that you can read here. There is nothing better than running out of paper towels or laundry detergent or Coke Zero (which has edged out the old Diet Coke from our household, by the way) and not having to run to the store, but simply to my garage for more! Okay, maybe there are a few things better than that, but you have to admit, that is pretty good!

Back to the garage pantry, it was suffering. It needed some more shelves. I'd been thinking we'd build some, but then I saw Target had a shelf on sale for $19.99!

My husband had a meeting at our church Sunday evening, so I made it a mission for the kids and me. Go to Target, buy shelf, come home and put shelf together, and arrange our stuff on the shelf all before my husband returned an hour and a half later!

The goal seemed lofty, even my 6 year old tried to convince me to come up with a new mission!

First there was distraction at Target by the kid bike helmets on sale, of which we needed 2, so after some trying on and mind changing, finally a purple one with bugs was secured for my daughter and a blue one with monkeys for the toddler. Then there was a slight hold-up of having to wait for someone to bring the coveted on-sale shelf from the back because the ones up front were all sold. And another delay when we built (okay, snapped together) the 4 tier shelf only to realize it would not fit in our space, so there was much tugging to pull the top shelf off. As it turns out those things snap together real easy, but unsnapping them is not so easy! If my engineer-turned-businessman husband had been home he'd have known from the beginning that the shelf would not fit. Me, I learn by trial and error!

But even so, the mission was accomplished with even time to spare for baths before Daddy got home!

The before:

And the after:
This Tuesday, I'm thankful for progress, although it may seem small to some. Organizing that pantry is probably the only thing I did all weekend that didn't have to be done again today!

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  1. Laughing out loud! I could recount some very similar encounters with very similar shelves that we used to have in our basement for our "stock pile". I can not tell you how many times it was put together and taken apart and moved and put back together and restocked in the seven years we lived here before the basement was finished and my husband built me a pantry. I bet the other kids could tell you a few stories, too!

  2. Stockpiling is great! The hubster thinks it is borderline insanity but I say "What a Timesaver!"

  3. I love stockpiling!! Awesome tackle!!

  4. i hate to do that - I always hand it over to hubbie and let him do whatever

  5. I thought you before picture looked good! lol

    I love stockpiling too. I found a great deal on Crest toothpaste once, along with coupons I had, and wound up with 36 tubes. My husband said we're never need to buy toothpaste again. lol (But it's only been a little over 2 years and I have indeed had to buy more toothpaste. lol)

    My Tackle It Tuesday

  6. I love spring cleaning. I am in the thick of it now too. maybe it would be even funner if I blogged about it!

  7. Fabulous work! I swear that as I was reading, I could relate to everything you said. From the "I love a good stockpile" to the "trial and error". I think we might be a lot alike!

    I also enjoy a good clean out session, so good job with all of your work in the kitchen and convincing the hubby to say bye-bye to the fancy coffee maker. We have a few of those types of things that should probably go! Thank you for the link to the cshelf liner. I was looking into doing something like this in my pantry, so I'll have to check this stuff out!

    Great post and I love to see the change that was made in the before and after!

    Hope you're having a great start to your week!

  8. Good for YOU! Wow. Doesn't that feel GREAT? I'm doing the same thing in the backyard and stripping it down to dirt to redo it. And I'm not just THINKING about it - I'm doing it.


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