Monday, April 20, 2009

Inventors take note!

This Tuesday I am thankful for modern inventions. The dishwasher, washing machine/dryer, computer, air conditioner & heater are all my daily friends. (It's springtime in Texas, y'all, so yes, the a/c and heater are both used within the same 24 hour period!) The car DVD player is the biggest blessing during road trips with my 3 little kids! The crockpot completely came through with the yummiest chicken (hint: click that phrase for the recipe) ready and waiting tonight after we returned from the kid activity marathon of ballet class followed by coach-pitch baseball game!

But, I need more.

Inventors, here are 2 of the items from my long "I wish somebody would invent. . ." list. Notice these 2 deal with my car. Hmmm, wonder where I spent a lot of time today?

Needed Invention #1: A neon sign for my car
I live in a large city and there is a lot of on and off the freeway driving and I've often thought it would be so helpful to have a button I could push to illuminate a “Please let me over” sign on the back of my car. Also, I am not the best driver and I occasionally cut people off, but it is completely by accident, so then I wish for the “I'm sorry!” sign. And I often have the need for the “Please cut me some slack there are 3 children screaming in the back and it is hard to focus on driving!” sign. Then there was the 1st day I did car line at my son's elementary school and did not understand the intricacies of the car line system and am afraid I may have cut in front of someone and blocked an intersection for a while. I really needed an “I'm new!” sign.

Needed Invention #2: A soundproof partition for my car
Oh, how I’d love it if someone would invent a soundproof partition (similar to what limo drivers have) to seal off the rest of the car from my driver’s compartment. Then I wouldn’t have to listen to the screaming, crying, whining, fighting from the back seats! At the first sound of unpleasantness I could hit a button and establish a barrier between them and me. Imagine the peace!

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  1. It is so funny you mention the soundproof partition. My husband and I were just talking about how we wish we had one for our van. We have 4 young girls and boy could we use one!

    I also like your idea for the sign. I could use that A LOT!

    Thank you for sharing!

  2. You've got a couple of great ideas there!
    I'm with ya on them.

  3. That recipe sounds good, and I absolutely despise chicken because, no matter what, it turns out like a dry piece of rubber.

    Happy RTT!

  4. dittoo!!! I swear I can't believe I have not gotten in a car accident yet with my three kiddos driving me nutso in the car!

  5. I want a sign on my car so I could drive past idiot drivers and tell them what I think of their driving!

  6. Great ideas for the car! A sound-proof driving area would be awesome. And........I could have the radio BLARING in my "quiet driving space". Perfection!

  7. I need a soundproof house, you can hear a kid scream no matter where you go. Not that I ignore my kids when they scream but sometimes, my husband takes over and I try to sleep or nap or shower and it's hard to do when you hear screeching anywhere you go. Yes, I made your post about me, sorry.

  8. I want the sound proofing please put me down for 2. thanks!

  9. I'm with you on the sound-proof thing...also a robot that follows my son and sweeps up after him...that would be bliss...

  10. Sounds like you need a limo with a message board on top. Then you would be all set.

  11. Too funny on using both the AC and the heater in 1 24 hr period. We do that too...often. UGH

  12. I use the recipe for whole chickens in the slow cooker from that site ALL THE TIME. Seriously fall-off-the-bone.

    I'd like a sound proof room for my child. So he can sleep. Which means I can sleep. Sigh.

  13. Signs and soundproofing...those are 'must haves' for sure!

    Happy RTT! :)

  14. I loved your ideas! I heard a story about a mom that bought a limo to carry here kids around town...maybe she bought it for the sliding window thingy!



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