Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Works for me Wednesday: Get rid of Fruit Flies/Gnats

Springtime brings beautiful weather, flowers, and kids playing outside. I just love it!

But, as you may remember from this post I did, my kids playing outside means a lot of in and out, meaning the back door spends more time opened than it does shut.

Which means gnats fly in!

It is so gross to see them swarming around my kitchen, but they are so small and fast, how do you get rid of them?

I combined a few ideas from the internet and created a very simple trap:
  • I poked a few small holes in the lid of an empty, clean coffee can
  • dropped a small piece of banana inside the can
  • put the lid on and set it on my kitchen counter.
  • About 4 hours later I carried the can outside, called the kids over (might as well make a science lesson out of the deal!), and opened the lid.
I was shocked at how many gnats/fruit flies (are they the same thing?) flew out! How disgusting that there were that many in my house, but they are not there anymore!

The gnat trap works for me!!!

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  1. Duuuuuude! Awesome. Science experiment/kid distraction/green pest control all rolled up into one little coffee can. Nice!!

  2. oh girl - I am so going to use this one - I get those pesky things all the time too!!

  3. So clever! I never heard this, but I will bookmark it for future use.


  4. This is such a great idea. We always have fruit around, and battle the fruit flies. THANK YOU!!!!!

  5. I'm going to try it this week. Thanks!

  6. What a simple but genius idea! We don't get gnats, but I do get tons of fruit flies during canning season. Thanks for the tip!

  7. never heard of this........great idea!

  8. What an idea! I'll be thinking about this for the next time we're invaded. Nice!

  9. This is great! We live in the country and both gnats and fruit flys are a bother during the summer. During canning season they are terrible in our kitchen as we often have bushels of ripening fruit sittng around attracting them. I do believe they come in the boxes, too. To answer your question, I understand fruit flys and gnats to be two different pests. Thanks for the hint.

  10. Love it! I hate gnats...it seems like if they are in your house they multiply fast. I have used a paper towel made funnel in a jar with food at the bottom. I like this idea better. One could even decoupage it so it would be cute on the counter. Ha!

  11. Thank you for the tip! Atat my 92 year old parents' home visiting and canning among other things. I hate fruit flys, gnats or any other flying bug, but especially hate them indoors! Hope this works for me as well as it did for you! Great thing to share!

  12. Oh man!!! Where were you when I was fighting these bad boys in NC!!???? I will be making one of those and using it as a science experiment ;-)


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