Thursday, April 23, 2009

Kid Fashion - Swimsuits

Okay now that I got the swim diaper basics business out of the way last week, we can move on to the more fun, regular swimsuit.

The website Kid Surplus has some really cute swimsuits for great prices click on this link for All Swimsuits on their site. They are also running the special $5 Off Orders over $50 at Kidsurplus with code MOMSDAY.

I just bought this cute little girl swimsuit for my daughter and got it in the mail a couple days ago. It is even more fabulous than the picture! It has sparkly sequins on the front of the top that are hard to see in the picture. If your daughter is like mine, sparkly anything is a huge delight!

I do not get bikinis for my 3 year old, but tankinis I will let her wear since they are more covering and also very practical because they make bathroom breaks so much easier! I got her this tankini recently and she literally slept in it for 2 nights and insisted on wearing it under her clothes for a couple days!

For boys, I love the Old Navy swimsuits. They usually have cute ones to choose from like this one or this one with great rashguard shirts like this and this. My oldest son is on the slim side and other brands of swimsuits often slide down off his waist, but these Old Navy kind have a great fit around the waist that stays on him. Also, those swimsuits wear really well. We have some he wore over and over for 2 summers and they still look great to pass on to Baby Brother!

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  1. That tankini is DARLING!! I like Old Navy, too, for boys' suits. It's where I shop for The Wild Man.


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