Monday, May 18, 2009

Not Me! Monday -- Back from Vacation

Not Me! Monday is the perfect way to jump back into blogging after a week vacation! Yes, I will let you in on a little of what has NOT (but really has) been going on around here both in my vacation life and in my real life!

This was NOT where we were staying last week! It really is NOT paradise!

My husband and I did NOT actually manage to get away from our 3 little kids for 6 nights in Hawaii! This was NOT a celebration of our 10 year wedding anniversary! It was NOT the trip of a lifetime with the most beautiful scenery!

My husband did NOT break our rental car agreement by driving on some crazy one lane roads on the side of cliffs next to the ocean! We did NOT meet another car coming the opposite direction and have to reverse back up the side of a cliff!

My kids did NOT survive just fine without us and look like they'd grown a ton whil
e we were gone! My husband's parents did NOT manage to not only keep them all alive, but also get them to the long list of activities that were on the agenda for last week. They do NOT get extra points for even getting my daughter to her dance recital rehearsal in complete costume with her hair up!

I was NOT so glad to see the kids when we got back and my toddler did NOT give my husband and I the longest hugs ever to greet us!

I was NOT really glad that my 6 year old re
ally didn't loose his first tooth before we got back. We did NOT have a conversation about the tooth fairy where he told me a boy in his class got $10 for a tooth from the tooth fairy! I did NOT immediately think that we have 3 kids who will lose over 50 teeth in the next 6 years and that at the rate of $10 per tooth, we will be totally broke!!! I am NOT trying to convince my husband that $1 per tooth is actually more reasonable and we can convince our son that his classmate's tooth just must have been more spectacular than his teeth and therefore worthy of a higher tooth fairy payout! My son's tooth is NOT still hanging in there as he forces us to cut sandwiches up into very small bites so he doesn't have to use his loose bottom tooth to eat. I'm NOT thinking with all his babying of that tooth, it may never really fall out!

My daughter did NOT have her first dance recital yesterday. I am NOT at all biased, but she was NOT the most precious, beautiful ballerina! My husband and I have NOT already watched the video of her dance 5 times!

I was NOT the backstage mom and did NOT realize how hard it is to take several 3 year old little girls to go potty while they are in costume!

It is NOT back to non-vacation reality now, this Monday morning with a trip to the grocery store, meal planning, wash, and the 1st of 30 days of the Shred all on the agenda! It is NOT really kinda nice to be back, even so!

For anyone who'd like to join me on my 30 days of the Shred Adventure (not to be confused with the Potty Training Adventure that will also begin here soon or the Maui Adventure that we just had), there is still time. Run to Target right now and buy the Jillian Michaels - 30 Day Shred DVD, a few hand weights and a mat. Then actually do the 1st workout and come back later today to check on how my 1st workout went and share about yours! It will be the most painful fun you'll have all day!


  1. Hawaii looks BEAUTIFUL! Happy Anniversary!!

    Think I'm going to plan a 10 year anniversary trip to Hawaii now...too bad our 10 year anniversary is 8 years away... lol

  2. Hawaii sounds wonderful!

  3. Sounds beautiful. So glad you had a great Anniversary trip and all went well with parents and kids. You should NOT wait so long to go again.

    Check out my blog later today to get my shred update.

  4. I am totally not jealous of your Hawaii fabulous was that?

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. WOW! Your pictures are beautiful! I'm so tickled for you. Can't even imagine getting away without kids for weekend, much less a week.

    Come to think of it. I DID get away by myself for a week when I had just two little boys. But it wasn't for a vacation. I flew to Florida to help a dear friend after her nine month old son had a terrible accident and was in a bodycast.

    I missed my family terribly and couldn't wait to fly home to them.

    My return flight came home to Philly around midnight, the morning of September 11.

  6. We went to Hawaii for our seems like ages ago...

    I'm so glad you got to go!


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