Thursday, May 21, 2009

What happens to the dog after the baby is born?

This is one of my favorite pictures of our dog. It was taken about ten days after our first child was born, so a little over 6 years ago.

I think it perfectly portrays the way anybody feels when they have a 10 day old baby in the house!
She was such a loyal dog that for the first few nights she actually got up with me in the middle of the night when I went down the hall to feed the baby. She would jump up and trot along beside me, a little enthusiastic about all the middle of the night excitement! She would lay nearby as I nursed the baby and only return to her bed when I returned to mine.

A faithful companion.

That lasted about 3 nights!

On the 4th night I remember the baby waking about 1 AM and as I got out of bed I looked over towards the dog's bed and she did not get up but simply raised her head to look at me and laid it back down as if to say, "You handle this one on your own. I'm just too exhausted!"

Thankfully now that the kids are 6, 3, and 2 yrs old, she and I both get to sleep through the night most nights, and that, my friends, is a finer thing!

Anyone else hooked on their dog or sleeping through the night?

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  1. What an adorable story and picture. I definitey see the look you are talking about. So cute.

  2. She's gorgeous! My dog Maisie is usually the reason I get up in the middle of the night unfortunately. She gets quite involved in her guard dog duties and thinks we all need to be aware of the neighbourhood possums at 3am in the morning.

  3. Oh, I wish our dog Kylie would sleep through the night!! She wakes us up 2 or 3 times every night to go out. I guess when you're a dog and you're 15 years old, if you have to pee, you have to pee!!

    Luckily, our other two dogs sleep all night long :-)

    Your dog is a cutie :-) Even with that "Please don't take my picture" look on her face!!

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  4. Great post and so true! Sleep is definitely one of my finer things!

  5. Great post ! I also did a 4XF on our dogs and the kids. What a co-incidence. And gosh, I'd love to sleep through a night.

  6. That's such an adorable picture! I wish our dog would sleep all night! I think he wakes me up more than the kids ever did!

  7. I LOVED this! LOL What a great photo! I usually took the babies back into bed with me and we didn't have an inside dog when I had babies. We didn't get JoJo until The Wild Man was two. But at 11 she will get up but only if I go outside in the middle of the night. Minky only gets up for that, too, and she's only 9 mos. old, the lazy thing! :)

  8. That is so sweet!

    Families, including our pets, are priceless.

  9. Sleep is the finest of things. ;-) We (as in my 22 month old daughter) are going through a phase... that I hope passes quickly. This momma needs her sleep!

  10. We have two labradors, a black and a yellow, they always seem to be in tune . . . when I'm worried they are worried, when I start putting on makeup, they just climb up on their bed where they stay when we go away, they never go to bed until the last person up goes to bed.

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving the comment - always love those!



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