Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Shred - Day 2

I woke up this morning not as sore as I expected to be, so in today's work-out I tried to follow the harder girl rather than the one who does the easier version of the exercises. Tomorrow I plan to bump up to using my 5 lb. hand weights instead of the 3 lb. ones I've been using. I'll try that for a few days and then maybe move up to the Level 2 work-out. Anyway, it's only day 2, but so far so good. I like the workout and you really can't beat the length - 20 minutes and you're done!

I'm not going to post on this every day, so I'll wait a few days and then post another update.

Hang in there fellow Shredders!


  1. We finished day 10 yesterday. I really need to add my 10 pound weights. The five just aren't challenging enough.

    My dad sent me a text message last night to say they had finished day 1 and "he didn't need CPR but it was close." LOL. He is extremely athletic so even at almost 70 I know he will do well. Something about that first day sure seems to take everyone for a loop. Good for you.

    Glad it is going well for you.

    Happy Shredding!

  2. I've heard such good things about this video! Hmmm...maybe I should get off my little behind and start shredding!


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