Thursday, July 9, 2009

7 Random Thoughts From my Tired Mind!

We are headed for a quick overnight trip to San Antonio in the morning to visit Sea World (mostly the waterpark part since it is going to be 104 degrees!), the Riverwalk, and the Alamo.

My 6 year old is getting very interested in history, he's especially hooked on history that involves fighting and wars! One day this week he and I read an entire book we checked out from the library on the Alamo and the Texas fight for independence from Mexico. I had forgotten a lot of the info. since my 8th grade Texas history class! My son was fascinated and kept insisting I keep reading. It was a fun afternoon sharing that book and that time in our history with him!

Speaking of the library, I finally took in the Dinosaur book my toddler ripped up (see picture here). I put it off until the very last day it was due, made my way to the counter and paid for the book. That $19 will be coming out of the toddler's allowance, except wait, he doesn't get an allowance!

I loved reading all your comments on my "Please don't let it be a library book" post and found them so encouraging. There is just nothing better than hearing, it has happened to me! I'm still laughing at this little gem shared by sweet Kat from Art's Chili, "As for your torn library book… I've seen worse than that. One time my parents...yes, my PARENTS, set a library book on fire! Mom spilled coffee on it. And it was due back that day. So dad says, "Put it in the microwave to dry it up." It dried it up all right. They left it in too caught fire! Not knowing what to do with it at that point… they put it in a paper lunch sack and just took it to the librarian and explained what they'd done!!! I still crack up imagining my almost 70 year old parents standing there and handing that bag to the librarian like a couple of kids. I kind of imagine Wally and Beaver Cleaver…but my parents faces." Her comment allowed me to convince myself the librarians had probably seen worse than my toddler's book ripping!

Dropped the dog off at the vet for boarding today and as usual my kids all had to weigh themselves on the dog scale. It completely cracks me up! To add to the fun, my daughter calls it "wave" not "weigh". So she's yelling to her little brother, "Come see how much you wave!" Thankfully I've found most people that like animals, like kids too, so the vet staff totally loves that my kids do that rather than frowning about it!

I'm in the process of doing my 100th pantry reorg. since we moved into this house 2 years ago. I really hate to say it's too small; I just know with the right food layout/container management I can make it work! Each time I organize it, it gets a little better, so maybe if we live here 20 years I'll finally have it fully optimized!

We have VBS next week at our church. I'll be teaching in a 6 year old room. It will be a busy week getting all 3 of my kids + a neighbor's daughter up to the church by 8:30 AM every day. I'll need a nap by the time I get there, but I think hanging out with the 6 year olds for the morning may be easier than my usual gig. It is always a very fun week and a fine thing to see kids learning about and excited about Jesus! I pray God will do a mighty work in those little hearts!

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  1. Have fun on your trip. . . not just the one away from home but the one with your children. Parents are so blessed and I love to see when the parent knows it instead of realizing it when their kids are grown and off on their own. Your blog shows such a positive and humorous side each time I read it. Thank you. God Bless.

  2. Popping over from Jennifer's site to say hi. The name of your blog caugh my eye. :)

  3. I'm glad to hear about another toddler ruining a library book:) And the story about the parents burning a book? Hilarious!

  4. My kids do the same thing at the vets office! Nice to know others do it too!

  5. VBS is such a blast. My kids love it and I enjoy teaching. I always request the OLDER kids, though. :)

  6. I just so enjoyed this homespun post today about life in general and your other friend and her parents with the library book? TOO hysterical!

  7. Found you through tackle it tuesdays. Loved your last tackle and I featured on my Shout out Sunday post.

    Have a great trip.


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