Thursday, July 23, 2009

Blog Interrupted

This blog was temporarily interrupted by the rising temperatures in my refrigerator!

I hope you will excuse me for skipping a day I usually blog, as I was otherwise occupied:

  • Holding a flashlight while my husband dissected our fridge, trying to figure out what was wrong with it.
  • Researching refrigerators overheating on the Internet and coming to the conclusion that our refrigerator did not have an easy fix and would likely cost more to repair than our old-fashioned, white, side-by-side fridge was worth.
  • Lamenting the fact that appliances are not built to last anymore! Our fridge was only 8.5 years old before its demise yesterday, and had quit working 2 times previously and the ice dispenser has not worked in over a year! Didn't our parents' avocado green and harvest gold refrigerators last our entire childhoods?
  • Wondering if the fact that I actually cleaned my fridge coils a few days ago somehow caused it to die and vowing to never, ever clean the coils on another fridge again!
  • Combing through the contents of the refrigerator deciding what was worth trying to save and tossing the rest. Piling milk, cheese, etc. into coolers in my kitchen and reminiscing with my husband about the last time we'd done this exercise, after Hurricane Ike -- good times!
  • Scouring the Consumer Reports for the perfect new refrigerator for the It Feels Like Chaos household -- "Must be able to hold 6 gallons of milk at once, fit in the spot where our old one lived, clean itself, create healthy balanced meals for my family of 5, regenerate its own contents never letting the milk or squeeze-yogurt run out, look fabulous, and be cheap" -- and then readjusting my expectations to "must stay cold". Anyone else hooked on cold milk? I thought so. It is a finer thing! One of those things that you don't appreciate until its gone!
  • Giggling over the term "bottom freezer" and then realizing I have spent entirely too much time around my 6 year old son and his friends this summer!
So you can see, it was time well spent, my friends, time well spent.

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  1. Oh no! The same thing happened to us a few years ago. We had just bought groceries too and were gone the next day only to come back and have to throw most of it out!

    We ended up with a Whirlpool side by side.

  2. It's the one appliance we can't live without! When ours died a few years back we were in a panic. No warning, no problems, it just died. And no, they don't make 'em to last like they used to!

  3. I am visiting from Julia's Hooked on Party. Thanks for sharing!

    In trying to sell our house up north 1000+ away, we obviously cleaned the fridge out before we left it. Well, on a visit up there last month we decided to turn off the fridge to save on the electric bill for the uninhabited house. Apparently there was some porkchops frozen into the frost of the freezer component. The prospective buyers that found that lovely stench probably thought we had a body stashed somewhere. Our loving neighbors took care of that for us. I do hope the fridge starts back up when some one wants it to. lol

  4. Oh YUCK! What a thing to have to face. Hope you find a great deal on just the right thing. I bought a Maytag Wide-by-Side about 6 years ago. Everyone told me not to buy a side-by-side of any type but I wouldn't listen. Now I wish I had the two top double doors and the pull out freezer. Just thought you might not be able to live without my two cents. I mean really, who could?! :)

  5. Ugh. I feel for you. My dish washer is making a tremendous racket these days. I have shamelessly probed it from top to bottom to see if something is stuck. But alas, I can find nothing that would cause such a grinding noise. Do you think God is into healing appliances??

    About the interpretation of terms, I'm right there with you, friend. Lol!

  6. You are so right. My parents had the harvest gold refrigerator and it lasted for about 30 years. My grandmother had a brown one that lasted for the same length of time. There's nothing to say except: They don't make 'em like they used to!


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