Thursday, July 16, 2009

Kid Fashion - Summer Sales!

I haven't done a Kid Fashion post in a while, because it is summer and for once my kids were set for clothes for a while with nobody really needing anything new. But, the school year is rapidly approaching and right now there are some great deals out there on summer clothes and if you live in the South like we do, your kids will wear those shorts through November! It is a finer thing because you can get cheap back to school clothes, buying what is on sale now! Also, you can buy shorts and swimsuits in a size bigger to be ready for next summer.

Here are 7 quick takes on the deals I've found for my kids in the last few days:

1. Athletic shorts like these and these; they will be great for soccer or basketball practices! Children's Place is offering and additional 10% off with webcode

2. I have blogged about these pull-on cargo shorts from Children's Place before. They are great shorts! We are totally hooked! Easy on and off and they hold-up well over time. And they are currently on sale for $6.99! I'm buying some for my oldest son to start school in and some in a bigger size for next summer!

3. For my daughter I got one of these knit skorts for next summer. We had a similar one this summer that has been worn a ton because it is so comfy and you cannot beat that sale price of $3.99!

4. J Crew's Crewcuts is offering free shipping for a limited time and they are having a great sale. I haven't ever bought my kids clothes from there because they are too expensive, but the sale stuff I can actually consider. I'm thinking of getting these shorts for my boys to wear next summer. So cute!

5. I love this dress from Crewcuts for my daughter and just need to decide if I should get it in navy for her to wear this fall or the light purple for next spring and summer. I'm also loving this khaki skirt!

6. These shoes from Target look really cute and remind me of some I paid over $30 for last fall. We will have to get to Target to try them on.

7. And I would like to get these Target shoes for my toddler, but his foot is a wide and they don't come in wide. I'll have to keep looking for some fall shoes for him!

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  1. Those are some great deals! My boys are set to start school in summer weather, but I decided to wait to buy their jeans this year until the end of September. They grew way too fast last year to be buying much ahead of time. LOL! Thanks for all the links!

  2. Man, those shoes are cute! Do they come in grown-up sizes? :)

  3. I HAVE to check out those shorts from the Children's Place - thanks for the tip!

  4. Great stuff! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Great resources. Thanks! It's much easier for me to shop online when we really need something... getting to a store is a big hassle!


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