Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sanity Saving Spares

Why are there 6 toothbrushes in our kids' bathroom? Do we have 6 kids?

No, we have 3 kids, but each kid has one toothbrush plus a spare!

Before we implemented the spares, we'd always be looking for someone
's toothbrush. I guess this reveals a little more about the chaos around here, but seriously some days it is a feat to just get all 60 kid teeth brushed twice each day (and we're trying to floss some, too), much less make sure all 3 toothbrushes are returned to the proper spot!

Someone would be brushing their teeth in a bedroom while listening to the bedtime story, and simply put down the toothbrush when they were finished. The next morning in the mad rush to get kids dressed and out of the house there would have to be a toothbrush hunt. The M.I.A. toothbrush would finally be found mixed in with the rumpled bed sheets, but not before crucial minutes were lost along with precious bits of Mom's sanity!

Having spares definitely works for us because missing toothbrushes are much easier to find when you are not actually looking for them!

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  1. We have toothbrush chaos at our house too. :)
    This is a great tip!!

  2. we don't have spares. then again we always know where they are. LOL And we have very...recognisable brushes.

  3. Great idea! Someone is always hollering "where is my toothbrush"!!

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. This is great! I have 9 children, and little ones are always running off with toothbrushes...don't know if I want 18 toothbrushes on the counter, though, but you have me thinking. Thanks!

  5. I don't have any kids, but my husband leaves his TOOTHPASTE in the strangest places. I'm forever finding it after he's left for work and taking it back to the bathroom *L*

  6. That's funny! My boys have a zillion on their sink by default. They simply don't want to throw their old ones away when they get new ones! And if we don't use the sharpie to write their names on them right away, they get abandoned--for fear someone ELSE may have touched them! Lol!

  7. I'm an adult and I can't keep track of my toothbrush either. So I keep one at my moms house so when I visit and have forgotten to pack one I have the spare.

    Then I have a travel package toothbrush and toothpaste that I keep out so that when I travel I remember them.

    I just so understand the toothbrush chaos LOL

  8. You know I am always glad to pop over to your page and see we are the only ones who are a little "off". I thought we were kind of strange that the kids wander around the house brushing teeth or that we would find the baby's toothbrush in the family room on Saturday morning (after my hubby brushed them while we were having our Friday movie night). But you make me feel a little less "out there." If it has happened to two of us...there must be more, right? :)

    I too, find it helpful to keep spares...one in each bathroom and a couple extras in the linen closet...just in case. This works when you unexpected company or an overnight guest who forgets theirs, too!

    How is your new kitchenaid working out? Have you been baking bread yet???


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