Monday, July 27, 2009

Even I don't have that much to say about my child!

This is my 4th year to fill out the info. forms for this particular preschool, but I still can't help laughing!

One form (there are 3 total forms per child) has literally 64 questions. Everything from address to pet's name to bedtime routine to whether or not your son or daughter had a difficult birth to comfort items to what causes a show of temper in the child. It seems that every aspect of the child is covered in great detail. And then you get to the last question. Do you know what it is?

"Now take it from there and tell us about your child." Attach another sheet if needed.

What more is there to say that hasn't already been covered by the previous 63 questions?

Attempting to write that description feels a lot like a college application essay!

Kidding, completely kidding! My kids are already accepted into this school, this is just an info. sheet for the teachers to know about the child. And besides, hopefully most college essays do not disclose a fear of life-size characters, as my daughter's preschool description will!

In all seriousness I cannot say enough good things about my kids' preschool. The teachers, the atmosphere, their method of teaching young children are all wonderful, and my kids have learned to love going to school as a result of this preschool providing such a positive start! I am so grateful to have found it! And so I will happily fill out the forms, in duplicate, since I have 2 children attending this coming year. And I'll count it as a blessing that they care so much!

My post tomorrow will include some hints on finding a great preschool, for those of you that may have young babies or be looking to switch schools. Did you know the fall is the time to look for the next school year because most schools have application deadlines of Jan, Feb. or March to be considered for the following school year?!

Now I'm going to go tackle the rest of those forms. They are due on Aug. 21st and I usually wait until the last minute, but this year I'm trying to get them done a few weeks early! Most of you reading probably know my kids pretty well by now, so if anyone would like to compose a one pager on each of my younger 2 kids and send it my way, that sure would expedite things! Thanks!

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  1. Too funny! That is a lot of info for a little person. Good luck getting the forms out of the way early!!

  2. Sounds like a lot of forms for schools. I've got a few years before I have too start dealing with that but I don't look forward to any of it. Especially school supply lists! lol

    Mom All Day

  3. Funny! I filled out this same kind of form for my kid in the car! Ha ha! I hope this doesnt' go into his file for college...they may think twice if he is afraid of dinosaurs!

  4. Yeah, it can seem like an aweful lot of information, but speaking from a preschool teacher's perspective it's never enough. I've taught for 28 years, and it almost never fails that the one little detail that would be helpful is not included in the forms. Little things like, what word does your child use for bathrooming? Seems like nothing important until you're looking at the face of a toddler asking you desperately if he can please go potty. If the words don't make sense, they just don't make sense. So please be patient and go ahead and write it all down.

  5. Wow! My daughter's preschool application was not nearly as thorough.

  6. LOL! I think I have those same forms! My kids (well, only my youngest now) are at a great little, tiny town Christian preschool that I attended (with the same teachers STILL there), so I, too, am so grateful for our Preschool! Enjoy the school year!

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  8. They could ask you where and when your child was conceived? ;)

  9. keep copies! I bet they will be fascinating to read in a few years!!!

  10. Gee, and with all that said, and your Wednesday post, perhaps it would be easier to home school?? LOL


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