Monday, December 14, 2009

When Did We Forget?

Let me set the scene before I show you the picture.

I am in the kitchen baking, baking Christmas treats for the neighbors, my kids teachers, and for the relatives we have coming into town the next day. I am not content to bake one thing, so I do three separate baked treats, interspersed with changing over loads of laundry. My husband is raking leaves, tons of leaves to be cleaned up and bagged in the backyard.

Our two older kids had been helping outside and then suddenly they decided they needed a break, so they drug their little outdoor chairs onto the lawn, begged Mommy for the "special treat that is Sprite",

and they sat,

enjoying the bit of sunshine,

enjoying the break from work,

enjoying having someone to take a break with.

Now when was the last time my husband and I drug chairs out onto the lawn and just sat and enjoyed?

Um, never!

Kids understand how to relax, how to enjoy.

So, when did we forget?

This post is part of the Moms' 30-Minute Blog Challenge.

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  1. Too cute! If I were you I think I'd post that picture somewhere as a great reminder to pause to just enjoy life more often!

  2. I agree with your first commenter!

  3. too sweet...too true...loved this

  4. How great that you saw their joy and wanted to go forth and do likewise. Don't children teach us SO MUCH?! I LOVE that about being a mother. Thanks for sharing this. :)

  5. Aww! How cute! :D Sometimes we do need to just sit and bask in the sunshine or SONshine. :D

  6. I love love love that! And good for you for getting in the moment.

    I'm not sure I would have done the same...

  7. This is exactly why my husband and I always say that we didn't start growing up until we had kids of our own.

  8. We have moved our couch out into our garden for the summer - how inspired - and instead of doing a million pre-Christmas preparations we are just reading a stack of stories after lunch everyday, whatever they bring no preselected, pre-chosen, carefully selected holiday stories... just no agenda books for fun!!! And we are all loving it and totally not freaked about Christmas in ten days time!!! Just sitting - what a good idea!!!

  9. Children are so smart! They know how to enjoy the moment.
    This kind of ties in with Steady Mom's post about taking the time to sit.
    Happy Tuesday Blog Challenge:)

  10. So cute. Makes me want to get a Sprite and sit with the hubs


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